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I like gadgets not sure if they actually help but I like them.

I had a polar something watch with a chest strap back in 08.

Then on a weight loss adventure in 2014 I upgraded to a polar loop. Had to use a chest strap for that to. Which disappointed me Abit because I bought it thinking it did that.

Then in 18 I upgraded to a fitbit charge 3.
My reason for buying it was that everybody else had one and the community was brimming with friends. But alas I was late to the party and no body really did challenges anymore among my friends when fitbit finally made a waterproof one. The strap broke twice both times under varanty and I got my money back the second time.

So now I want a new wearable. I am sort of looking at the inspire. But seems everyone I know is leaving fitbit because of the syncing being slow. So any recommendations.? I need to wear it on my ankle which is not ideal I know.

Also I want a new bathroom scale one that tells me if I have the fat% of a baby seal.
I had decided on one. But then someone said it used 2.4 GHz and my husband said that was a bad idea because that is old tech.

So any recommendations I want to use an app.

My old one just tells me my weight and only flashes the weight in the display.
It works it is 7 years old. I just want to buy a new one. Silly as I am.
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