Is it okay to have a cheat day once per week?



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    Everyone is tiptoing around the fact that the OP is having 5,000+ calorie binge days every week after depriving herself on 1200-1500 calories the other six days, and is asking over and over whether continuing with this binge and restrict cycle will cause weight gain.

    Yes, it will cause weight gain. It's already causing weight gain.

    Binge and restrict always results in weight gain.

    I'm out.

    Not everyone :)

    I estimated on page 2 that if she truly had 1200 calorie days plus one 1400 calorie day, her cheat day was 8000 calories. I'm her height. If I were having an 8000 calorie day every week, I'd know it.

    But give her information about her pasta days and that she is not using a food scale, it's more likely than not that she is eating way more than 1200 calories most days and her binge days ARE closer to 5,000 calories. Still too much for a sedentary 5'7" woman. That's how much The Rock eats. Sure, he eats that every day, but he is fueling that 6'5" physique.