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Any short women who lost weight eating 1500 cals a day?

fat2thingirlfat2thingirl Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
Hi all, I'm a short, obese woman (5'1, 206lbs) who is trying to lose weight. I am aiming for 1500 calories a day, starting today, because to me that seems like a very reasonable amount of food for me to lose weight on. But I'd love to hear from other short women who've lost weight on around 1500 calories a day, if you wouldn't mind sharing. :)
Thanks for any replies, it's much appreciated, ya girl could use some motivation haha :)


  • elmusho1989elmusho1989 Member Posts: 270 Member Member Posts: 270 Member
    5'3 here. The last time I did this I lost at 1460. I set it to lightly active because I was working on my feet at the time.
  • LisaGetsMovingLisaGetsMoving Member Posts: 321 Member Member Posts: 321 Member
    5'4" getting 1400 - 1500 and losing 1 to 1.5 per week, depending on how much I walk.
  • CrazybeautyifulCrazybeautyiful Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    5’3- 1400-1500 - has worked well before- just started again 2/12 I’m 20# from goal
  • skinnyrev2bskinnyrev2b Member Posts: 288 Member Member Posts: 288 Member
    5'3 - sedentary according to MFP, so calories were set to 1260 for a 1lb/week loss. I typically 'earn' 800 exercise calories (mostly by walking 7 miles or so a day) and so eat around 1800 a day. I'm loosing at the expected rate. :)
  • susanlee53susanlee53 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    5'4" exercise almost every day(as I have forever), singles or doubles tennis or downhill skiing (walking 2 miles or gardening 4-5 hrs in summer) My target intake is 1300-1500 cal/day, and < 1300 net calories/day. This is definitely enough food. I achieve this goal 90% + of the time.

    I'm losing about 1 lb every 10 days or 2 weeks. Been doing this religiously for just about a year. it's a slow slog, with many plateaus. I've decided I'm not in any hurry; sooner or later I break through the plateau. so it's all ok. This caloric intake is ultimately supposed to maintain at 140-145 lbs. I started out with the endpoint in mind, so I should not have weight gain after I'm done "dieting".

    I'm surprised the weight loss is as slow as it is, since just about everything about my physical health is "normal". But I've decided not to beat myself up about it. My only "hurry" is to wear an outfit this March for spring skiing that I have not worn since 1988. so it's a little bit of a hurry, but really unimportant to anyone.
  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 524 Member Member Posts: 524 Member
    I'm 5'3" and losing around a pound per week on an average of 2600 cal per day, and I have an office job...I do exercise daily, but I'm not an Olympic athlete or anything, my exercise calorie burn is probably under 250 per day.
  • frees1spiritfrees1spirit Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member

    That's sounds great!
    Did you do a reset?

  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 524 Member Member Posts: 524 Member
    @frees1spirit I'm not sure what you mean by "reset," I just started logging my food again about 3 months ago. I haven't done anything special, not paying any attention to macros, just logging honestly and trying to move as much as having a desk job and weighing 250+ lbs will let me.
  • DezYaoifiedDezYaoified Member Posts: 88 Member Member Posts: 88 Member
    5’3” 1380 at sedentary with a Fitbit adjustment. Normally I’m in the 1400 range. I am losing at a slower rate but I don’t think that’s a bad thing for me. I’ve gone from a US size 22 to size 16 in 25 pounds. I just finally hit below 200 pounds. Last time I fit into a size 16 I was around 180. w25wqwcut6me.jpeg
    1st pic is 2021- 199 pounds size 16
    2nd pic is 2017- 180(ish) pounds size 16 (14 if they were a lose fit)
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 6,774 Member Member Posts: 6,774 Member
    I started at 1350 and lost so quickly I had to bump up to 1600 and then was recommended 1800 by an ER doc because I was having bradycardia and low BP(and still losing). I still lost weight at 1800. I'm very active. 5'3"
  • chiddsschiddss Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member
    I'm very similar starting at 210 lbs and aiming for 1500kcal per day. I'm also trying to move as much as possible due to working a very sedentary office job!
  • daniwilforddaniwilford Member Posts: 1,030 Member Member Posts: 1,030 Member
    I am 5'2" and sedentary and over 200 lbs. When I walked 3-5 miles a day and ate at 1500 I lost at about 2lbs a week. Then at about 180 I began to lose at a slower rate. The more you lose the slower it will go.
  • callsitlikeiseeitcallsitlikeiseeit Member Posts: 7,182 Member Member Posts: 7,182 Member
    im 5'1 and lose on 1500. slowly, but a loss. i recently cut it back to 1400.

    I workout 3-5 times per week, generally.
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