Help with steps vs exercise points

My exercise points yesterday were 100 MORE than that, but with 2K LESS steps. Why is that?!


  • Kimegatron
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    *than today", not "than that"
  • ClaireBri74
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    How do you count your steps?

    With my Garmin its all about the wrist. When I spin no wrist movement so nothing. When I do weights / barree / conditioning not a lot of wrist movement / steps. However combat not a lot of foot movement (I bob / bounce a lot) but moving arms tons and steps go up. Dance I fling my feet and arms so a lovely increase all round.

    Does that help @Kimegatron ?
  • Lietchi
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    I don't know what device you are using, but my 'active calories' (Garmin) don't always follow my step count. It's because my tracker takes into account my heart rate, so steps with a higher heart rate will give me more active calories than steps with a lower heart rate.
  • AnnPT77
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    It's also the case that many trackers will recognize non-steps activity, plus different types of steps activity, and include those in activity estimates. Standing burns more calories than sitting, steps on hills/stairs burn more than on a level, moving the upper body while sitting or standing burns more calories than sitting still, etc.

    I'm not saying these devices handle these distinctions well, necessarily - for example, mine seems to think I'm going up stairs when I'm hand-beating something in the kitchen sometimes! - but they can be using more than just steps to make their estimates (and they should).