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Strategies for resisting cravings

Jleinwand1Jleinwand1 Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member
I'll eat something high in fat but also less detrimental for my weight than what I'm craving, like a black bean burger instead of a burger and onion rings. Once I ordered junk food and didn't eat it, but don't worry, environmentalists, my girlfriend did so it did not go to waste.

What is your number one strategy to putting aside a crazing which would surely make you add digits to the scale.


  • FitAgainBy55FitAgainBy55 Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    It depends on the craving. If it's craving a bag of chips or candy, I just move on. If it's craving something like a burger, a steak etc... then I might save up calories during the week and splurge one day over the weekend while still hitting my target calories for the week.

    There are no foods, or drink, off limits for me -- just try to eat mostly healthy options but still enjoy some of the foods I really like. Last week I had a big rib eye steak with baked potato on the weekend and a burger and onion rings earlier in the week.
  • LietchiLietchi Member Posts: 1,784 Member Member Posts: 1,784 Member
    Like the poster above, no foods are off-limits for me. I don't get many strong cravings though, probably for that reason.

    If it's a full meal type thing, I will try to find an appropriate timing for it, usually a Friday or Saturday and perhaps skip breakfast that day, if necessary (I don't mind eating at maintenance for a day, but not significantly over 'just' for some take-away).
    If it's a snack, I'll try to fit it into my calories (I have a snack every evening). But for snacks I'm usually limited by what we have in the house anyway (unless we happen to need to go grocery shopping at that time) so some cravings will be satisfied by whatever I can find that is similar. I always have a range of salty and sweet snacks in the house to satisfy a craving without going overboad on the calories.
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    Great flowchart: I have saved that.

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