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Sodium! Please solve this years long debate



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    @33gail33 Deep deep sigh! My dad as well. He takes pills for hbp and cholesterol - in addition to a bi-weekly injection for cholesterol!!

    I do wish - although I’m sure there’s some truth to it - that my dad’s doc hadn’t told him that his cholesterol was sooo high that it has to be partly due to genetics. That’s all my dad needed to hear - he inferred “see, it ain’t my fault - it’s in the family”. 🙄🙄

    My dad and mom are 77 and 81 respectively. I’m wondering at what point I also just release it all and let them do what they want. The good thing is that I’ve been so stressed having lived with them since last year due to covid - I lost 30 lbs!


    Are we related? My mom insisted for years that her "asthma" ran in the family (rather than, you know, the actual cause being COPD from smoking for 50 years). What are you gonna do ....

    Well my 81 year old father who is a) wickedly smart (he was a physicist) b) super anal about nutrition when it comes to sugar, sodium, vitamin content, etc is also c) an alcoholic. I think focusing on fairly inconsequential things helps him ignore the real problem.

    Aren't families great!
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    @33gail33 @ythannah

    Bingo! Families - can’t live with ‘em, can’t...kill ‘em!😂😂
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