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Fit Bit & My Fitness Pal Calorie Tracking

Susay2942Susay2942 Member Posts: 211 Member Member Posts: 211 Member
I jave used Fit Bit & Fitness Pal for a long time. I am just noticing though I cam walk 10,000 steps & only get 360 calorie credits but walk 7,000 & get 700 calorie credits. Its the same calorie count in the FitBit & Fitness Pal. Does anyone understand why I can get more calorie credits for less steps. Its truly confusing. ? !?!?!?!?


  • heybalesheybales Member, Premium Posts: 18,537 Member Member, Premium Posts: 18,537 Member
    What and where is the same calorie count in Fitbit and MFP?

    I ask because many don't discover under the workout for Fitbit Adjustment the extra details that show the Fitbit daily burn.

    But indeed that daily burn at end of day and Fitbit should match.
    If that's what you are talking about.

    Or is it something else, in which case back to what exactly is the same calorie count?

    As to why the adjustments are different - that's because the daily burn is different if you have accounts linked.
    So this has nothing to do with MFP. Unless you are only using the Fitbit as step source and don't have accounts linked.

    Why would Fitbit have a bigger daily burn for less steps?

    Take those 2 days you are comparing - how was the distance compared between them?

    Because daily activity is actually based on your weight and distance the steps takes you.

    Now - if you were slipping into an auto-workout - then HR-based calorie burn would used - and that is inflated calorie burn for walking level aerobic.

    So it is possible to walk a known distance at a pace that is just slow enough to be calorie calculated based on distance.
    And then do the same distance (and steps probably) just a tad faster and HR goes up enough (or HR is higher for other reasons like dehydrated or stressed), it is now calorie calculated based on HR, and is higher than prior walk.

    That happens.
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