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If anyone wants to add me as a buddy for support it’s Sheribeari28. I’m trying to lose 15 to 20 lbs it’s not easy so I can use support as well


  • Vetleanni
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    Hi! I'll add you! 🙂
  • Hi. If you want a support buddy i can add you. Just don't know how.
    I have 20lbs to loose. been on here for 55days and only lost 6. Frustrating
  • KBB1997
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    Just added!
  • bhurley100
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    Everyone is welcome to add me. I post daily and give motivation and support! We got this!
  • bhurley100
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    Added those above this☝
  • Goldie_Locs85
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    I’m will add, I have 30 I want to lose!
  • springlering62
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    Hi. If you want a support buddy i can add you. Just don't know how.
    I have 20lbs to loose. been on here for 55days and only lost 6. Frustrating

    On the “cup half full” side, that’s a pound every ten days, which isn’t bad at all.

    The closer you are to goal, the more difficult it becomes. You have to tighten up accuracy on weighing and logging, and be sure to log those few nuts here, random cookie there.

    Anyone who started higher needs to manually readjust their goals every ten or twenty pounds to recalculate your calorie setting. Your calorie needs go down in direct proportion to your weight and MFP does not automatically adjust.

  • ej_maries
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    Always up for more friends, giving and getting support! Anyone can add me if they like 🙂
  • kermitch
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    I'll add - I'm wanting to lose about 15pd too. Except I am in kilos, and that's the scale here. I think the pounds would seem to move a bit faster, as they're a smaller measure!!
  • CatholicCurtis
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    I've lost 35 pounds in about four months. Feel free to add me too. Trying to get down to 180 pounds. Still 69 more to go. 42 years old and know it can't ever be like how it was when I was young in the 90s, we can still get in great shape and hopefully look a little younger while we're at it! We got this!
  • Mise_enPlace
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    Hi! I'm looking for support and try to cheer people on too. I *think* I have about 20lbs left to lose. Haven't been my current weight in about 10 years (never been 20lbs lighter either) and it freaks me out lol. I'll friend request everyone I see right now. To good health and a positive relationship with food!
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    I have 30 more lbs to go of a 100lbs that I've had to lose. I keep yo-yoing with 5lbs that I struggle with that I lose then comes back. It's difficult because I have many medical problems and constantly searching for a caregiver because the people that chose to help me end up leaving when they realize there's more to the job it's more than sweeping and doing dishes. It's so hard to stay motivated because it doesn't seem like anyone is noticing anything other than me not looking quite healthy, yet looking healthier. I'm losing weight, but not being cared for, so I guess it shows. I'd love to have more positivity and encouragement in my life. I'll add all of you, if any of you are willing to add me. I don't know how to add people. 😅