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Cutting out cutting!

huntstevej2311huntstevej2311 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
Hi pals! Or whatever we call the collective!

So I’ve been cutting for the past 13 weeks, mainly as I had gotten overweight and wanted to be fitter.

I’ve lost over a stone and have got some more definition and improvements through weight training.

My question is, time limits....

I know a lot cut for 3-4 months or until they can see their abs, but I have 3 weeks left until I reach 16 weeks.

Is it best to stop at 16 weeks, whether or not I see my abs and consider my weight loss so far as a good starting point or should I continue past the 16 weeks and have the goal of visible abs before I start a controlled gradual bulk?

How do you usually approach it?

Thanks in advance.

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  • sollyn23l2sollyn23l2 Member, Premium Posts: 47 Member Member, Premium Posts: 47 Member
    Depends on your goal I think. The way I've always done it is you keep cutting until you're happy with what you see. When you want to add muscle, you bulk, then you cut so you can actually see those muscles. Rinse and repeat. If you put on considerable fat while bulking, cutting is naturally going to take longer. If you do too much bulking and not enough cutting, you'll continually have the "big guy" physique rather than looking fit because the muscles will never be visible. Just depends on what you personally are happy with.
  • huntstevej2311huntstevej2311 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Very well put, makes sense really!

    Think I’ll give it another week or so then see where I’m at and reevaluate.

    Thank you for your insight Sollyn2312
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