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Recipe shows different macros on different days

MackyMarsMackyMars Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
in Recipes
Hello! I created a recipe. I logged it for lunch a few days ago, and then logged it again for lunch today. I realized that today the macros are different on the recipe. Isn't that weird? Has anybody seen this before? What could cause this?


  • iFartMagiciFartMagic Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member
    Are the actual amounts different or just the percentages for you? As you lose weight your personal macros might change? (Percents you need for your weight)
  • Strudders67Strudders67 Member Posts: 850 Member Member Posts: 850 Member
    MFP doesn't auto-adjust anything as you lose weight. You have to go back in to the Guided Set Up and click Save again for it to recalculate.

    OP, not something I've come across, but I can't say I study the macros of my entries from one day to the next as, apart from salad or soup for lunch for a few days running, it's rare that I'd log a recipe item again for a couple of weeks. The only time I know my entries for a recipe will differ is if I had edited the recipe in the meantime and changed something. If you're sure you didn't edit the recipe, I can only suggest that you click the Help button at the top and contact the Support Desk for further investigation.
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