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My weight loss story

tariqaritariqari Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
I’m not really new to myfitnesspal but I’ve never used the forums.

I started my journey at 290lbs, the highest weight I’ve ever been and was normally in the 280 range.

Today I weigh 167 and have been here for a couple months. It’s a challenging weight to get out of. I have belly fat and some glute fat to workout!

The shrinking calorie deficit is the hardest part. I sacrifice everything to ensure I remain disciplined to continue losing. It’s a road filled with strife and obstacles but I overcome. I feel a better person for it.

I have other issues that I’m not sure can ever be worked out. Personal issues. Personal happiness. Many times I have questioned why am I even doing this. I don’t have a job (30 y/o), don’t have degrees or any paper to show how “good” I am, no friends, no family. Training and being healthy has been the only path I could be on. I’m lucky in a way for that. If the rest of my life weren’t so miserable, maybe I’d still be that 290lb guy lol.

I don’t know what I will do with my life after I’ve lost the weight outside of maintaining it. Maybe that’s enough. My desire to be around others is countered by anxiety and that lightning feeling that courses through my veins, sometimes followed by a burning hole in my chest and at worst, total collapse. An EFNJ sentenced to the life of an introvert. There are other reasons for that but I won’t get into detail.

The last thing I’ll say is I’ve come to love every aspect of myself. I defend myself and my beliefs fiercely. I’ve turned those negative self thoughts into motivation to just be better. I was always the nice person. But as I rode down this path, I came to fat shame myself. It didn’t help at first, but in the end I became so ambitious with it all that I decided fat shaming was the only way to get from 180-160. Id constantly ask myself “do I wanna look like this? Have that hot chocolate. You’ll never lose it.” These intricacies led me to scrutinizing every single thing I put in my body. I almost no longer need myfitnesspal because I can weigh food down to the gram of fat in my HAND. That’s how familiar I’ve become with all of this. I can feel and understand every little but.

One of the most important things I’ll impart is to check your vitamins throughout the process. Make sure you are reorienting and reacquainting yourself. Every 10lbs is a new you that is just beginning its weight loss journey. It’s super important to treat those milestones as new starting points altogether. ‘I’m only trying to lose 10lbs’ tell yourself. This helps maintain discipline and redirects the feeling of trudging along a strenuous weight loss journey.

Lastly (for real this time), have fun with it. Shake things up. Be new. Every. Single. Day.

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