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Came across this article that I felt was pretty interesting regarding eating disorders amidst the pandemic. May be enlightening for those wondering how people gained significant weight during the pandemic. May also make those who struggled during the pandemic feel a little less alone.


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    I was feeling a little judgy about a family member with a substance abuse problem who relapsed last spring, and then I heard a story on how due to the pandemic many people are struggling more with substance abuse, and gave myself a mental head slap.

    My own issues with using food as a coping mechanism resurfaced last March, I started CBT in April, and when that provider left I started therapy therapy, which has been very helpful.

    I'm happy to report my anxiety decreased significantly in January and has remained manageable.

    I know a lot of people who have struggled significantly throughout the last year. I think helplessness is a trademark of most mental illnesses and substance use disorders, which really felt insurmountable over the last year. I think with the pandemic that was heightened due to anxiety around seeing a provider for fear of getting covid, lack of access, and anxiety around tele-health (not trusting security, phone anxiety, etc). Many people who have never struggled with their mental health were feeling pretty helpless and lost through the pandemic. It was the perfect storm for self medicating- alcohol, drugs, relapse, food, etc.
    I feel as humans we instinctively judge people and things we don’t fully understand without taking in the big picture. Sometimes all it takes is a story we aren’t personally/emotionally connected to to put things into perspective.

    I’m glad you listened to your body early on and were able to start treatment quickly! Happy you are feeling better!!!