Just starting out

Hey guys i just started my weight loss journey i know its not going to be easy but i need this change im trying to loose 50lbs. Any words of encouragement would be nice. Tell me about your journey as well


  • WaterLily82
    WaterLily82 Posts: 165 Member
    Hi there! I’m new, too! Well, not new to trying to lose weight (that has been a lifelong struggle) but new to this app. I need to lose 165 lbs so I know I need to be in it for the long haul! Good luck ❤️
  • cindyorr89
    cindyorr89 Posts: 2 Member
    Good luck to you as well i have been trying to loose weight for ever nothing ever works so now im just going to watch what i eat and count these calorie intake
  • ej_maries
    ej_maries Posts: 43 Member
    Hello! Welcome to the MFP fam! Weight loss is hard but this community is very helpful so reach out when needed. I struggle with weight loss and gut issues so I definitely feel you. Feel free to add me ☺️