10-YEAR Anniversary using MFP

herrshiro Posts: 17 Member
Ten years ago today I installed an app that changed my life. I've continued to log in every single day since.


I had carried lots of extra weight for over twelve years and yet that first year on mfp was dramatic and incredible—and honestly not that difficult (certainly not as hard as I expected)! Over eighty pounds lost within a single year!! And while I've definitely gained and lost weight back over the last decade, even at my most lax and indulgent, I've never gotten as heavy as I was when I started.

I'm currently 55 pounds down from where I was ten years ago today. CICO works, I'm living proof of it. When I slip up and don't count my calories, that's when I start creeping back up. Almost all of the spikes in my history are times when I was still logging in daily, but not actually adding in my calories.

I made this part of my life and it's helped me have structure, eat more mindfully, have a much better sense of portion control, and something that keeps me accountable. I'm still finding ways to improve and encourage healthy eating habits and mfp is still part of that.

Thanks myfitnesspal!


  • GummiMundi
    GummiMundi Posts: 396 Member
    That's quite a milestone. :) Congratulations!
  • suzij27
    suzij27 Posts: 199 Member
    Way to go! Consistency and persistency are definitely important in this journey.
  • brandigyrl81
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    Congratulations!!! This is quite an accomplishment!!!
  • Piqueaboo
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    Congratulations! What a feat!!
  • MyEvolvingJourney
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    @herrshiro Congrats on 10 years! That's amazing!
    @dctucker Great for picking up again!