Intermittent lifting

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By this I mean, is it possible to make gains by doing some odd exercises every now and then during the day. For instance 3 sets of 10 reps xkg of squats to overhead press with dumbbells. It's a complete set not just one. Then an hour or so later do some incline bench press with dumbbells. I know this will never equal to a full 1 hour session or so. However I'm going through some mental issues at the moment. Sometimes I can manage a full workout some days I'm almost lost. Not to bore you with the deets. Just to state I know exercise is supposed to help with mental health as well. It goes without saying however I don't think it's applicable all the time.

I have gone througha few days doing quiet a few different resistance training routines just not all at once.

Any thoughts?


  • NorthCascades
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    Some is almost always better than none.

    Yes, you can make gains that way. No, it probably isn't as ideal as following a training plan and not deviating from it. Do you really need your exercise to be ideal on the sense that you aren't leaving any possible gains on the table? Probably not, and don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    I don't know what mental issues you're going through, but I hope you beat them. Know that most of the world is going through mental issues right now, so you aren't alone in this. 🫂
  • steveko89
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    In terms of gains, doing something is always better than doing nothing. Be kind to yourself and take solace in knowing that you're trying. Some days will be better than others so I say do what you can when you can.

    "Exercise is good for mental health!" does get tossed around but you're right in that it's not magic. Personally, I struggle to focus if I listen to certain music that allows negative thoughts and self-talk to creep in. I've found I do much better with podcasts or non-lyrical music in terms of focus when lifting. IIRC you get more endorphins from cardio than lifting, however, that's not to say there aren't mental health gains to be had the the mental fortitude required to progress in a lifting program or the self-confidence boost from physique improvements.

    Be well and good luck with what it is you're battling.
  • Chieflrg
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    Is it possible? Sure depending if it is sufficient stimulus. If you have to split up through out the day or week it's much better than not at all.

    When you say it isn't applicable all the time I agree though I think if you can it helps with adherence long term.
  • gdfrew
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    Non lyrical music, fantastic suggestion! As much as I love music, it means a lot to me personally and is sort of connected to what I'm going through. But like you said, it sometimes does allow negative thoughts to creep in.

    I did have a brilliant day on Sunday, got a really big nice workout complete with a range of different movements for most of my upper body. Waiting on new dumbbells arriving shortly as I think I've outgrown my current weights and needing to lift slightly heavier to keep progressing.

    Thanks for the support
  • SnifterPug
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    Something is better than nothing, for sure. So keep at it. Doing it all in one session is a bit more efficient in use of time because you can warm up just the once.

    Glad to hear you had a good day on Sunday. Here's hoping you have many more of those. Enjoy the new dumbbells.