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Hi all

My name is Dawne. I am 45 years old. 5’4” and 243 lbs.

I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. In high school I was skinny because I never ate and took diet pills (early 90’s- they don’t even sell them anymore.) it was very unhealthy. It led to eventually developing a huge kidney stone (later in life I had to have surgery.) I’ve had 11 surgeries. 7 of them being on my abdomen (over the years.)

I came from a home where my mom was severely overweight up to 475 lbs (she eventually had bariatric surgery and is now slowly dying due to malnutrition.)

So, I grew up first hating food because of her and an abusive (ex now) stepfather...and hurting myself and abusing my body with incessant diet pills.

Fast forward to my weight creeping up when I’ve had my kids and various surgeries, and eating my feelings on my way through my own bad marriage.

And now currently - my now fiancé loves to cook (unhealthily) and I love eating (especially when he cooks...)

I tend to work retail as well- so foods always around me!

All that being said- I know it’s ALL an excuse. I alone am responsible for my choices.

So stats:
Age: 45
Height 5’4”
5 years ago: 267
3 years ago: 175 (with mfp and eating healthy)
Now: 243 (how did I let myself go back?!?)

Lose 2 lbs a week on a 1200 calorie or less diet

If any of this hits home with you or you want and/or need support add me please.

I know I did better before because others read my mfp diary and I knew it.

But I stopped logging a year or so ago.

Started again 2 days ago and I’m determined.

I did it before! I can do it again!!

Let’s do this together!


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    Welcome back i just start this year also. I am 43 been around 180+ for past 4.5 years. Prior I was 180 plus and lost to 150 and then i became unplan pregnant with my daughter and she was still born so since July 2016 I did not much.. That same year my father became septic and pulled plug in January and my oldest son had lyme mengitus. So My health was in back ground and i just keep swimming. This year decided time get my health back I am 5 foot 4 currently 183.4lbs down 4.4 from Jan 1. I using my fitbit and fitbit coach for work outs along with employee sponsored program Grokker along with my pit rescue who LOVES to walk even if freezing in NY.

    I am working on cooking heathier for me and my boys and figure with covid and working remote i have not excuse not squeeze in exercise when I can. so my 4th grader class may see me do 15 min work out mid day at my desk..

    I sent a request
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    Sent you a friend request!
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    everyone is welcome to add me too! added those above this comment.