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Seeking Community Feedback: ‘Change Starts Here’ Challenge



  • EaglesfanintnEaglesfanintn Member, Premium Posts: 804 Member Member, Premium Posts: 804 Member
    Yes, I joined the challenge.
    It was not particularly motivating - the idea of winning a gift card is nice, but it's too easy. 40 meals in 30 days is too simple to hit. Make it harder so people that are really working at it have a better chance of winning and I might be more motivated, but I logged every meal in that time regardless.
    I also think challenges should be accessible from the site. I log most of my meals on the app, but when it comes to exploring MFP and interacting with others, I do 99% of that on the site.
  • TheIncredibleMissETheIncredibleMissE Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    Yeah, I joined and fully completed it. I'm curious to see who wins. It would be more motivating for me to see that people actually received the prizes. As it is, at least I get a few fun badges 😊
  • tgillies003tgillies003 Member, Premium Posts: 373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 373 Member
    No. Didn’t see it. But looks like it is only for USA. I’m Canadian.

    Generally speaking, I don’t find these sorts of things help me.
  • mpkpbk2015mpkpbk2015 Member Posts: 686 Member Member Posts: 686 Member
    I joined the challenge and invited many of my MFP friends to join me. Several did. And it was fun doing it together. We all consistently log in so we all finished in record time and were left with nothing to do for the last half of the month. That was a bummer. Since we are all consistent loggers I can't say it motivated us to log more, we do that for each other. We like lotteries and prizes, it would be nice to win but with so many participants the odds are astronomical . Maybe you could give away premium memberships as prizes too and have more than just one prize for thousands of people. We all just joined the new Silk Ultra challenge today, I think there should be more overlap so you don't have to wait around for 1/2 a month for the new challenges to start. Or have multiple challenges going at the same time.
  • mpkpbk2015mpkpbk2015 Member Posts: 686 Member Member Posts: 686 Member
    Just a couple of suggestions on the challenges in general
    1- Make them available online as well as on the app not everyone uses the app
    2- If you notice many people have finished start a new challenge I finished 2 weeks ago and now I am bored waiting for a new challenge
    3- Make the stakes higher - 20 is not a lot of meals to log in a 30 day period
    4- Have more than one challenge a month or have them simultaneously

    thank you
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