What do u tell yourself when u dont feel like exercising?

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Any motivational advice?


  • spiriteagle99
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    I know from experience that I am happier on the days I get exercise than on the days I don't. There is both a physical and an emotional satisfaction after a good workout. So, on the days I don't want to do anything, I do it anyway, with the understanding that if I am still not feeling it after half an hour, I can stop. Usually I end up doing whatever I had planned. I may shorten a run or walk or yoga session a bit but I always end up doing at least the minimum I set out to do.
  • LisaGetsMoving
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    Walking has become my pain reliever, my happy pill, my reset button. Sometimes I don't want to start but I always am glad when I finish. Some days when I don't particularly feel it, I may shorten the walk. Music or a good podcast is something I find helpful to keep me going. Workout buddies or walking buddy are helpful too. Also, mind set! it becomes easier when it's something you tell yourself you love (or enjoy, or can't wait to get to, or whatever self talk you do but DO remember to tell yourself positive things about it). I have a friend who prints affirmations and puts them on her bathroom mirror. It's OK to start small and work your way up.
  • DoubleG2
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    To reiterate what others have stated - discipline is the key. For me, it's habit. I work out 6:00 am - 7:30 am M-F because that is the plan.I don't necessarily enjoy beginning my day that way, but I almost always like the way I feel when my workout is finished. Even during lock-down, the plan didn't change; I adapted how I worked out but not the frequency or duration.
  • skinnyrev2b
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    For me it's a case of "ok, so I promised myself to do one exercise related thing every day. What am I in the mood for today?" Lockdown has led me to YT and at home workouts. So I've experimented with dance workouts (for me, great fun). Rebounder stuff (meh. But it gets the steps up and I can do it while watching a film), Resistance band workouts (which will improve my swimming when the pools reopen), yoga (cos I love being flexible) and - cos I've had the time and up till recently, the weather, I've been walking around the hills here. I've fitted it in amongst work/life commitments, and it's basically: if I do x, I can eat a,b AND c, as well as look and feel better. It's a win win!
  • Arralethe
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    I get changed into my workout gear, even if I don't feel like exercising.

    Then I tell myself "Just do 10 minutes, if you still feel rubbish or like you can't do it, you can stop."

    I always finish my full hour's workout, unless I'm actually physically sick.
  • netitheyeti
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    I give myself permission to stop after I do the warmup - but once I'm warmed up I almost never actually feel like stopping. Exception being if I'm in actual pain or not feeling well
  • SnifterPug
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    The Nike slogan, usually with a curse word inserted. It's not motivation that keeps you going day after day, it's habit.
  • seltzermint555
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    My new thing is exercising 5 times a week. So if I really don't feel like it I don't. But only two times a week do I allow that. I would generally prefer to "plan" for it, like a busy work day with errands after and then read or watch a movie instead of working out. Usually I follow a lot of the others' advice, like getting into workout clothes and then it feels silly to stop after 15 min of exercise so I keep going.
  • concordancia
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    It depends on why I don't want to exercise. If I just don't, I set out for at least ten minutes. As someone above mentioned, I usually keep going once I get into motion.

    If something hurts, I look for an alternative that will get some movement in, without stressing the muscle or joint that is giving me issues.
  • vanmep
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    I minimize the barriers- have my water bottle filled, my laptop plugged in and ready and I workout in my pjs so I don’t have to change clothes (I workout first thing). Then I don’t engage the back and forth in my head about whether I should or not. My mom voice so to speak - don’t argue with me, just do it.
  • MsCzar
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    I exercise on a rebounder (mini trampoline) which offers a full range of effort-expended possibilities. I am far from a perfect paragon of workout discipline. Once in a rare while, I skip a day just because I am busy, simply don't want to or even because I've just done my hair. ;) But usually, I tell myself that I will jump on and give a halfhearted effort for two songs from my playlist (about 7 minutes). I always end up putting in at least 15 minutes - and usually the full 30. Getting started is 90% of the battle.
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    I have two modes.

    Training mode, when I'm getting ready for some event: All the workouts are on the calendar and I try to hit them. It can help to put your workouts on your work schedule, indicating their level of importance.

    Free-run mode, when nothing particular is on the schedule: I try to do something active every day, even if that is just a walk around the block. Remember that every activity counts, including housework and yardwork.

    Sometimes, when I don't particularly want to work out, I just say "well, I'll give it a try and cut it short if I don't feel like it." You never know how you're really going to feel until you start! (And you'll never know if you don't try.)
  • GummiMundi
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    My inner dialogue usually goes like this:

    Me: I don't feel like exercising.
    Also me: Yeah. But let's do it anyway.
    Me, after finishing the session: Whew, I'm glad I did it. :)

    Unless I have an honest (I mean, really really honest) reason not to exercise (like being ill), in which case I cut myself some slack and exercise the following day instead. Thankfully, those days are rare.
  • penguinmama87
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    I'm a "first thing in the morning" person. I set it up as much as possible so I can just roll out of bed and start, and don't have a lot of prep to think through before I'm fully awake and can talk myself out of it. My clothes are laid out, I have a water bottle in the fridge, and my shoes and earbuds are by the door if it's a running day, or I have the video queued up/DVD inserted before I go to bed the night before.

    I also go to bed on time with almost no exception.
  • claireychn074
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    Firstly I think it’s easier to motivate yourself if you can find an exercise you really enjoy - or at least that you don’t hate. So maybe have a couple of types up your sleeve. If you don’t feel like going for a run or walk, how about doing Just Dance on the Wii? Or an online yoga workout? Get changed and start - sometimes just telling yourself you’ll start with 5 mins is easier than facing a whole workout. Then if it’s something fun hopefully you’ll keep going. Ultimately there are times most people do t want to exercise, and that’s where the will power and determination to think “it’s only xxx mins out of my day” come in. 95% of the time I feel better after exercise and that really helps when I’m struggling. Good luck! 😀