Only 41lbs down but so much change in my body! Photo!

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Only 41lbs down but so much change in my body!

18 months between these 2 photos and in my defence tbe first photo I was 5 months postpartum and still breastfeeding!

I re started my weightloss journey in April 2020 and since then lost 41lbs slowly... some weeks the scale didn't move at all! But along with logging I have been running 3 times a week and bodyweight exercises at home I can really see my body has changed! 12 more pounds pounds get to my goal but I'm not in a hurry. Slow and steady. Its no race!


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    Great job! Keep up the hard work.
  • besaro
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    great work!
  • abbie4212
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    Wow! You look great! Congratulations on the perseverance!
  • urnd8809
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    Bravo! You must feel wonderful! Congrats
  • ggeise14
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    Great job - way to go!
  • J_NY_Z
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    Wow you are glorious!
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    Only? FABULOUS!!!
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    You look great, Your hard work is paying off! Definitely see the changes! Keep it going.
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    Congratulations, Brava to you!
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    Way to go!
  • stephnstars
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    I like to visualize my weight loss by sticks of butter. You have lost 164 sticks off of your body. CONGRATULATION!!!

    Oh my god that's amazing! Made me smile! Thank you! That's a LOAD of butter 🤣
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    Fantastic Job! Amazing really! :)
  • stephnstars
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    "only"! Girl that is what my 7 year old weighs! AMAZING WORK!

    Thank you :) I think I'm not giving my weight loss the appreciation it deserves! :D<3