I’m dedicated to dropping 100lbs this year. THE RIGHT WAY!

Please follow me to encourage or learn from my journey. I am 39 years old and fondly taking my fitness and health seriously!


  • jsjentz
    jsjentz Posts: 13 Member
    Hi! Good for you and congrats on making the commitment to this journey! My goal is a 100 pound weight loss as well.
  • NecessaryChange
    NecessaryChange Posts: 91 Member
    You can do it! I'm looking forward to your progress and success.
  • WaterLily82
    WaterLily82 Posts: 165 Member
    Welcome!!! I’m in the same boat! I’ll be 39 next month and I have 100+ lbs to lose. I’m down 20 since January and with the support and kind words from people on this app I get closer and closer to my goals every day! Good luck! You’re in the right place! Just know that you can do this!!
  • Lisap3001
    Lisap3001 Posts: 18 Member
    Hi im the same and looking to get some friends along the way who are in the same position . Good luck to everyone x
  • commonsensefitness
    commonsensefitness Posts: 105 Member
    Yes, looking to lose another 111 lbs. Feel free to add.