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20 pounds to lose challenge April 1-July 31



  • shnerb00shnerb00 Member, Premium Posts: 227 Member Member, Premium Posts: 227 Member
    shnerb00 wrote: »
    What do you allow yourself as a treat ??

    This is opposite of what all you coffee limiters are (admirably) trying to do but, I LOVE coffee and everything about it. It makes me very happy. 😁 I treat myself to a cup of espresso with caramel Premier Protein every afternoon. I gratefully picked up that tip from @shannonkelly08 a while ago. Yummy, low calorie, gives me a bit of extra protein that I often am deficient in and… did I say yummy?

    What a great idea! I used to have a mocha almost every morning. I drink protein shakes, but I love mochas and mocha frappuccinos. Perhaps I can make my own protein rich versions of mochas/frappuccinos w/ chocolate, caramel, latte, etc.

    The possibilities are endless! You’ll have to share what you try! 😁
  • shnerb00shnerb00 Member, Premium Posts: 227 Member Member, Premium Posts: 227 Member
    This week was good! Managed to do more meal prep than last week. Picked up takeout once while out of town. Packed a huge healthy picnic lunch for me and my family for a full day at the ball diamonds on the weekend. We had plenty of fruit, veggies, water and sandwiches to avoid the greasy concession stand. Now, I don’t mind a good greasy burger and fries from time to time, but the kids have ball every weekend from now to the end of July. That would add up! Going to pack a cooler as often as possible.

    Highest Dec 160.2
    Goal Weight 130

    4/02 142.0
    4/09 142.0
    4/16 140.6
    4/23 139.4
    4/30 138.8
    5/07 136.2
    5/14 137.6
    5/21 135.6
    5/28 135.3 HALF WAY -6.7 🎉
    06/04 135.6
    06/11 134.9
  • WeatherJaneWeatherJane Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member
    Highest weight 225 (Jan 2020)
    Challenge starting weight 176.4
    Challenge weight loss goal 10-15 lbs

    Apr 2: 176.4
    Apr 9: 174.2
    Apr 16: DNW (My dad passed this morning. Complications from a heart attack he suffered on Sunday.)
    Apr 23: 172.4 (Thank you to everyone who shared words of support. They were greatly appreciated.)
    Welcome to all the new joiners. I hope you all find much success.
    Apr 30: 171.6
    May 7: 170.4( Hopefully this next week I'll break into the 160's)
    May 14: 169.2
    May 21: 167.6
    May 29: 166.8 (-9.6 so far this challenge.)
    June 4: 166.0
    June 11: 164.8

    2 months left in the challenge. Going to make it my goal to end the challenge down 20 lbs.)

  • Toronto6fanToronto6fan Member Posts: 284 Member Member Posts: 284 Member
    April 2nd 170
    April 9th 171
    April 16th 169
    April 22nd 168.4
    April 30 167.6
    May 7 167.4
    May 14 166.6
    May 21 166.4
    May 29 165.2
    June 6 166.2
    June 11 164.4 🥳

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