Moonie Needs! Please help!

Hi everyone! Before I go further, thanks for your help!

I am 1 week into using MFP and am enjoying it so far. It's very versatile and even the basic plan is pretty extensive in what it covers. I'm very optimistic that it will help me jump start my weight loss and fitness goals! Unfortunately, COVID got me off track, having gained 30 lbs over the past year. I'm done with that now. Have always been an avid cyclist, but injured my neck/shoulder at the beginning of COVID and was unable to cycle, run, and many other of my normal activities. Took 8 full weeks to recover, but by then so busy with work as an independent contractor that I was unable to find time to cycle until December. Going into the winter I found all interest in spinning at home slipping away. But after the holidays I forced myself to spin (I hate spinning, but do it just to maintain), and now with spring hitting in Ernest I'm back on my bike and following my tried and tried plan to get fit for my yearly cycling vacation! So, I need to drop that 30# coz it is HARD getting up a category climb with that extra weight!!

So my question is this: yesterday I put my bicycling stats into the app. It came up with a number of choices based upon average speed in mph. (I'm USA) Today when I searched Exercise every cycling choice was in kph!! I've been all over this app, settings, FAQ, checked in Personal settings, etc. I cannot find how to change it back to mph! Can anyone help??


  • goal06082021
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    Check your settings. On the Android app, it's Settings > Edit Profile and then you can specify units for weight, height, distance, energy, and water. On the desktop site, click Settings near the top-right of the screen, then select Change Units. It's possible that your app is set to miles and the desktop site is set to kilometers - I just looked and sure enough, my units on my app were different from the website.
  • PremGandhi
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    10 mph is 16 kph. Whatever you do, multiply mph numbers by 1.6 and then input it in the app. This is the easiest fix I see.