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Counting steps

Sarahgillett1Sarahgillett1 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Hello just joined and I have a huawei band thats excellent for tracking sleep steps and all that but I can't connect it to this app any ideas? I no u can use ur phone 2 track steps but that means haven the phone on ur at all times which I don't do and hate pockets :-)


  • cmhubbard92cmhubbard92 Member Posts: 4,079 Member Member Posts: 4,079 Member
    @Sarahgillett1 I wonder if you can link your band to another app, and link that app to MFP? I know Stridekick allows a variety of devices to be linked, in order to have challenges between users with various devices. I don't know if stridekick can be linked to MFP, but I am sure there must be an app that can help link your device to MFP.

    It'd be a shame to not be able to link it to MFP at all. I know I don't keep my phone with me every time I'm moving, so it would be severely undercounted.
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