I'm at that point in life.

run290 Posts: 1 Member
Okay, so I have changed my job around to include a good amount of desk work so I'm not "running around" as much as I once was. I already know I stress eat, so I am trying to get control of thing I can control. Im looking for support and encouragement not judgement.


  • Catherine_and_Hobbes
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    I have a desk job as well. It certainly makes it hard to feel active, but not sure if you can get up every hour but that seems to help me a little. You can do this!
  • springlering62
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    Why in the world would a group of people on a weight loss forum judge someone else?

    You’ve found your folks, as the kids say.

    You’re going to find it very supportive here, unless you’re really into woo weight loss (apple cider vinegar diet plan, anyone?), in which case, brace yourself. 😉