I'm not getting anywhere, think I have a problem with binging

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I'm female, 5'6 and keep going between 159-162lbs and I'm currently 162 at the moment.

I desperately want to get this weight off and get to 147-150lb but I can't get below 159.

I try 1200 calories to get it off quickly, weigh everything etc but end up binging and going back to square one and this has been the same thing for a year now. I try 1500 and I still binge at weekends. I keep going between restrict and binge and can't do this steadily. Since lockdown I have found it difficult to keep to a deficit and I think I have a problem with binging at the weekends as I can't stop myself. I had covid but now nearly recovered so started walking 10k steps again recently like I did before and want to start exercising again, I used to run and do aerobics.

What can I do? How many calories would be best for me to lose and how do I change my mindset and not binge? I feel so bad in myself.


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    People have different definitions of binge eating. If you are really worried about this taking over your life then I’d listen to the brain over binge podcast.
    If you truly are a binge eater as opposed to someone who eats too much food occasionally then the most important thing is to treat the binge restrict cycles. This means weight loss has to be paused at least for now. Stopping bingeing is the most important thing and long term is the best thing you can do for yourself.
    I felt I was heading down the binge restrict path a bit myself. I stopped restricting calories and urges to binge stopped. Simple concept but hard to do
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    Don't be so hard on yourself. A lot of your weight is determined by genetics. I am a turning 50 year old ecto-meso so I'm always pretty lean and muscular without much effort.

    I will say that binging is something I understand well. I find that when I need to diet for a bit (after breastfeeding, etc.), I only cut my maintenance calories by 300 calories a day and lose about 0.5 lbs per week. The first 2 weeks are the hardest and then I get used to eating a bit less.

    I also find I eat less if I only eat 8 hours out of the day. 12 - 8. I also begin my day with a protein shake at noon with peanut butter and almond milk with ice in a blender.

    Don't give up and keep trying different things. If genetics are not on your side, then forgive yourself if weight loss is not as easy for you.
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    Do you know your RMR? That is basically what you burn normally daily with normal activity and not including exercise etc. That is a starting point to need to figure out to calculate a good deficit. You might not be eating enough and that will complicate things. You might be restricting too much if you feel ravenous and starving and need to eat a lot. Also there is something that I struggled with for a long time and had no idea is was a thing. I was finally diagnosed with something called binge eating disorder. I did a lot of research and found a medication that significantly improved things. I was always just relying on willpower and constantly failing and felt horrible and blamed myself. But it was more than self soothing or stress eating. Hope this helps!