Stuck in a rut

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In Sept 2012 I used MFP and somewhere between 25-30 lbs over the course of 7-8 months. I logged food and exercise daily and the weight steadily came off. I was so proud and felt great and promised I'd never let myself go again.

Sadly, I have lost motivation over the years and while I've stayed active and kept most of the weight off, I've gained back some and I know it's because I simply eat too much on a regular basis. Yet, knowing this I still over eat and binge snack. It's like I know where I going wrong but still continue with the bad habit. I have tried to recapture the fire I had in me in 2012 but cannot seem to stick with it these days. I get sick of my binge eating habits and say ok enough, yet then don't follow through after a day or two. I know the choice is mine to make to either do it or not do it. Yet, I just can't find the mental motivation anymore.

I don't have any friends who are interested in being active and I have tried. So I know it's up to me to sink or swim.

How do you get (and stay) motivated and not fall into old habits? I feel so disappointed in myself for being in this rut.

Thanks for reading.


  • debilang
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    Hi @minijoanna, my name is Deb...I log in everyday...sooo I would be a grrreat Pal to cheer you on. This is actually my third time back. I started in 2011, got busy, dropped out, back in 2016, same thing, and now again in 2021...30 days and counting! How am I motivated?? I log in everyday to support my Pals, log my food, and exercise, blog my day. I am not interested in dropping out again. MFP has always been here for me...and now I will do myself a big favor and use this great accountability tool to move forward. Please don't be disappointed!! Ours is a health and fitness journey that WE must take on and be responsible...It is a NEVER GIVE UP journey!I promise to SUPPORT with any other Pals you make her bearing something unforseen...but will be here!! I will add you :)
  • stephie_nyc
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    I got fit and lean years ago and piled on 20 lbs on my 5'4" frame. I knew exactly what I needed to do to get it off but I couldn't stick to it like my first time around.

    Even though I know what to do and it's not frugal, I hired a coach. I wasn't having success and I was too sad being that weight. Now I'm seeing progress. He works with me on some of my food behaviors and makes weekly adjustments if needed.
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    @minijoanna your story reflects my life over the past few months. I lost over 20kgs & kept it off for over a year before the bad habits started creeping back in. It's so hard finding the motivation to get back on track & I'm trying not to beat myself when I do slip up & overeat or binge. I'm finding the support of these forums helpful and try to log in daily. I have also signed up for BJ Foggs free 5 day course on setting tiny habits to help me get back on track.
  • mummysinthekitchen
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    Happy to be a fitness friend. I'm logging in every day so will be around.

    Just a suggestion, if you're tired of your snacking habits then instead of trying to go cold turkey formulate a plan you're happy with. Make yourself a snack box that you know you will be happy to snack on, your favourite fruits etc. Don't buy the things you usually buy that send you down the snack rabbit hole. I struggled with snacking because I used to eat purely out of boredom but I have improved massively.
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    Wow.. I literally just posted the same thing but in different words. I don't have any advice as guessing i'm failing worse than you right now but I can offer companionship in the same boat!
  • minijoanna
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    Thank you all so much for your replies and advice! You're right that logging daily is what keeps us on track, and I remember how much the accountability was very important for me. MFP has always been positive and supportive from what I have seen and I am feeling so much better today about everything. I'm ready to DO THIS, and am happy to encourage and support you all as well.
    Thank you thank you 🍀🙂