Why is 11K steps not enough for Sedentary??


So I’ve recently added negative adjustments which at least ideally help as I have been more motivated to get up and move to counter the negative... but a few times I’ve struggled to get it above a negative number... and today it claims my 11K steps aren’t enough to get me to my sedentary calories???

Is this because I did an early shift and was up 6-2pm then napped a few hours before getting up again to go for my walk?


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    I think it's because it's Apple...Apple doesn't play well with others that aren't also Apple and has had known issues syncing properly to MFP for years.
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    Thanks for the answer though it only adds more confusion lol, it says there plain as day 11,996 steps so now I’m wondering why the step count isn’t connected to the calorie adjustment when it should be.. hmm very strange haha - oh well
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    The step count is not the issue. Your calorie adjustment is not based on the number of steps, it's based on a comparison of your total burn according to Apple versus (theoretical) total burn based on the activity level you selected in MFP.
    If Apple doesn't send over the right data (=total calorie burn for the day) to MFP, the sync makes no sense.
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    Oh wow well that sucks, I don’t input any data to my phone except letting it count my steps... I guess I’ll just take the negative thing off!
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    At the end of the day, your stil working out and that's all really matters.
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    Great job!!
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    Removing the MFP setting for Negative adjustments (if that's what you mean by removing the negative) - that's not the issue.
    I think you mean the adjustment though, so good.

    Apple is supposed to send (like all the good daily trackers do) one simple figure for MFP to correct itself with.

    Total Daily Burn (with time stamp)

    Apple does not.

    Total Daily Burn figure minus MFP estimated daily burn would create an adjustment.
    Add that adjustment to your base eating goal which already has a deficit from MFP's estimated daily burn - and you'd have your deficit from your tracker reported daily burn.

    Except Apple sends a daily burn that is almost the same as MFP's sedentary figure - doesn't include increased activity, doesn't include workouts.
    The result is when you should be eating more, you are given less - totally a**-backwards.

    It's great you are doing more but sadly that's not all that matters - unless you want an extreme diet that will probably be like the 80% that fail to reach goal weight and maintain.
    The idea is to eat reasonably to your level of activity - which it appears you know you need (just had to dig at an incorrect statement prior post).

    You could allow your step count to help know which MFP activity level to select - if that's avg for you on days with no workouts, perhaps just normal increased walking you intend to keep up - that's Active level.
    If that included workouts - get a running avg for non-workout days.
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    I’m not sure if you have an Apple watch or just have your iphone tracking your steps. I used to just have my iphone tracking my steps. If I had step calories for the day and later added in actual exercises, it always then took away all or sometimes only some of my step calories. I ended up turning off that feature and now have a fitbit.
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    Did you get this figured out? Because if you did let me know what worked..