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What meals help you stay fit?

priscillarivera96priscillarivera96 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
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Since I am on a 1200 calorie intake routine, I wonder what others eat that are within my calorie range. I love to try new recipes.
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  • penguinmama87penguinmama87 Member, Premium Posts: 383 Member Member, Premium Posts: 383 Member
    This can vary a lot from person to person. I try to stick to foods I find really enjoyable, because eating food I don't like or only kind of like "just because it's good for me" isn't going to stick. I personally find that high protein foods are more satiating, and foods with lots of spices and herbs, or even that don't skimp on salt or pepper. If a food is bland, I'm more likely to overeat it.

    Starchy veggies are a really nice way to bulk up the volume of your food without using a lot of calories, plus they pack in a lot of micronutrients. Yesterday I made a pasta sauce with Italian sausage, chickpeas, and spinach, and served it over spaghetti squash. A full plate (I weighed it by grams) was under 500 calories.

    One thing I've done with some success is just add one more vegetable to dinner - usually something I can just steam or microwave quickly, rather than doing a whole different fancy side. Or I make a refrigerator salad (a salad I can make all at once and then it stays good in the fridge several days) and I can pull that out. Again, more food, but not calorie dense. I can fill up on those things and decrease the proportions of things that are much higher calorie. :)
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  • priscillarivera96priscillarivera96 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    That was very helpful. I am so disorganized at times on which meals of the day should be large or not I mean I have large breakfasts and lunch I can choose to eat small but then sometimes I eat large meals on lunch and asmall meal on breakfast it just varies on what I crave. I think I can be a picky eater throughout the day but those meals you suggested sounds pretty good although I rarely eat fish. Thank you for your comment.
  • hcaloric918hcaloric918 Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    I am also doing 1200 calories. I usually have either Chobani low sugar madagascar vanilla yogurt with 1/3 cup of high protein granola or 2 hard boiled egg whites for breakfast. I will try to have a salad for lunch and a snack of cheese and crackers and/or pretzels. For dinner I have been having (depending on my other meals), 93% lean ground beef meatloaf, salmon with rice and veggies, grilled chicken rice and veggies, spaghetti and meatballs (again made with 93% lean ground beef). I usually have enough sugar and calories for a nice glass of red wine with dinner. I hope that was helpful.
  • Theo166Theo166 Member, Premium Posts: 2,508 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,508 Member
    I started an elimination diet which has changed my eating habits, in particular around breakfast.

    I used to rely on x3 instant oatmeal and peanut butter, maybe with an egg on top. But since doing this diet, I've switched to a mainstay of fried veggies with 1-2 eggs. I really like it and it is surprisingly filling.

    Any veggies will do but here are my mainstay: mushroom slices, onion, celery, grated carrot (adds color), lots of spinach leaves, tomato slices, plus anything else I can find.

    Just cook with some olive oil and throw a couple eggs on top, covered with a lid. Season to your tastes but I like a bit of Siracha in addition to garlic salt and pepper.
  • JulieH70517JulieH70517 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I love trying new recipes, so sticking to my new 1200 calorie diet is challenging. I’m trying to find lighter versions of meals I like. Google is my best friend right now. The other day, I wanted to make fried rice. When I checked the calorie count, I thought oh noooo. Then I found a recipe for "oven fried rice". It came out good & less calories. 😊
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