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Reverse dieting bloating?

lrafferty101lrafferty101 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
21, male, started out at 70kg, I was on a 10 week cut, lost 10kg but was as low as 1500 cals. Ended the cut and began reversing out, went to 1750 then 1900. After 1950 I was 61kg and then I went to 2300 and only jumped to 61.1kg, so this called for another increase. But last weekend had a few drinks and slipped up with a binge of food after. Weight has spiked up a few kg since then and I assumed that this was just the alcohol in my system and a bit of water weight etc from increased carbs. But my weight has not fell since and I’ve been weighing in at around 64kg having weighed 61.1 on Saturday. Ive been feeling so bloated all week and have never felt “empty” any of the days when I have weighed in. Any suggestions?
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