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Estimating Pizza calories (local parlor pizza)

djb535djb535 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
A typical parlor pizza is 14 inches in diameter. From geometry that is 154 square inches (or 154 pieces of pizza that 1inch by 1 inch). A 14 inch pizza has a total of 2280 calories on average. If cut in 8 slices, that is 285 calories per slice on average. Doing the math, you can estimate that for every square inch (1inch long by 1 inch wide) you are eating 15 calories. (11 calories for thin crust, 19 cals for thick or Sicilian crust). Using 15 calories for one square inch helps since pizza slices come in sizes (jumbo, large, small slices). Take a peak at a ruler, and use your thumb or finger width to estimate this length. Since a slice is a triangle...just do your best (unless you are a geometry nerd 1/2 base x height. Uggh). 15 calories per 1 inch square.


  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Member Posts: 8,739 Member Member Posts: 8,739 Member
    Are you a math whizz? You remind me me of my dear old Dad.
  • LisaGetsMovingLisaGetsMoving Member Posts: 662 Member Member Posts: 662 Member
    This is great! I was just trying to estimate that very thing because I ended up at my son's babysitting today and ate some leftover pizza. I estimated and logged 300 kcals per piece (and then added another 100 cals in case I was underestimating)
  • BravaCentauri87BravaCentauri87 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Thank you for this! Pizza is one of those things that is hard to calculate because there are so many variations in size and thickness depending on your region. We're located in New Haven CT (pizza capital of the US according to Barstool!) and it's very thin, but we still get pizza from other places around that are regular crust and deep dish. This is very helpful!
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