2.7 pounds a week

I know that it's best to lose 1 - 2 pounds a week but I have about 60 pounds I would like to lose by September 22, 2021. I think if I am committed with eating right, working out and lifting light weights and maybe some yoga, I can do it. Does anyone think it's possible and has anyone did it. I am 240 and would love to be down to 180 by then.


  • LoraMora
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    MFP's whole thing of "If everyday was like this you'd be XXX pounds in xxx weeks" is very rarely (if ever) accurate.

    In my case, it's NEVER accurate and significantly overstates estimates future weight loss. Those estimates haven't even been within 10 pounds of being correct for me, even if I do very well for the xx weeks.
  • zhixuen1982
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    I'm 38 years old male. In the past 143 days I shed 60 lbs which is 2.9lbs a week. The beginning 10lbs lost very quick probably it was water.

    My diet plan is to stick with high protein and fiber food. I keep of calories intake from food around 1300. Over the weekend I would eat high calories but never exceeded 2000. I did the cardio workout every day for around 30 - 35 minutes on weekdays and over the weekend I play basketball for 2 hours.

    I cut out sugar, very occasionally I ate some sweet cake. I cut back 80% on carbs.

    Hope it willl work for you.
  • Strudders67
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    Start at 2 lb a week, which isn't impossible with 60lb to lose, but know that it'll slow.

    Even if you 'only' lose 1lb a week, you'd still weigh 20lb less than you do now by your birthday. It may not be the 60lb you'd like to lose, but it's still 20lb better than where you're at now and it'll be far more bearable to achieve. You're less likely to be miserable, less likely to just give up and far more likely to then enjoy your big five-oh and your trip!