NIH's Body Weight planner and MFP discrepancy.

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I am in need of help in determining my activity level. When I enter my stats into MFP my maintenance # for lightly active setting is 1700 calories. When I do the same thing on NIH's website that number is 1813 calories for the same setting. Why such big difference? I tried using an activity tracker(Fitbit) but because I stand for a good part of the day 6-7 days ( 8+ hours) working with my hands(cooking, washing dishes, folding laundry) without taking steps or taking very few my step count and TDEE # is low at the end of the day unless I go on a walk. It's logical to me that my body burns more by standing rather than by sitting or sleeping and Fitbit counts lack of steps as that.


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    Best explanation is here (on "Help" at the top of any page, then "Using the App")
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    Thank you so much @cmriverside and @PAV8888! Very helpful šŸ‘