What do I eat for breakfast

Hi, I’m Jaja & I just joined. I’m a 43 year old female . Yesterday I ate a whole chocolate bar and half bag of family size Doritos ...
I am 180 lbs and 5’9 my goal is to be 135- 140 pounds.

It,s 3:40 a m ...I want to eat and sleep . I’m PMSing my body is craving chocolate like crazy ..right now that snicker chocolate bar is looking real good to me
Cuz I’m too tired to get up and make something...I wanna go back to bed.
I am anemic so I’m use to being tired but my wants junk & which makes me more tired
I don’t know how to use this app yet

So I’m asking you guys,
What should I eat for breakfast?....I’m thinking Tostitos and eggs and cheese with toast but after that Then what?
Any general advice?



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    Welcome. If I wanted tortilla chips for breakfast, I'd have some. I'd probably just skip the toast and add some vegetables or maybe some fruit.

    Tostitos, eggs, and cheese could be a reasonable breakfast, especially with some vegetables or something like fruit added for some fiber (I don't know what you've got in the house). The goal is just to eat an amount that fits without your calorie goals. For me, that would be a serving of tortilla chips (that's one ounce, or if you don't have a scale probably about 12 chips), 1-2 eggs and a sprinkling of cheese. That's maybe around 350-400 calories, which would be a good breakfast for me.

    You write "after that, then what?" Are you wondering about the rest of your meals for the day or what you'd like to add to breakfast?
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    I like thick lentil and/or veg soup for breakfast
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    Hi, Jaja. Welcome to MFP.

    Boy, you sound just like me. My breakfast of choice was often a while loaf of white mountain bread, warm from the bakery, and either a family sized bag of Doritos or Salt & Vinegar chips, followed by a chaser of party sized M&Ms. That might hold me til Popeyes for lunch. Two apple add pies with that order, please.

    One day I just snapped. I’d had enough. Vacation photos were appalling and I had just been prescribed some scary meds. I realized I needed to take control. (That was scary, too. )

    A dietician (recommend!!!!!) turned me on to MFP.

    Enter your height, weight, activity level and it will assign you a daily calorie goal.

    Weigh accurately as you can and log as honestly as you can. I get it. It will be confusing and probably desperately inaccurate the first few weeks, and your weight will go up and down like the Scream Machine roller coaster the first couple months (frustrating but true), but it establishes a habit, and begins that learning curve.

    For me, it was a shock. I mean a SHOCK, to realize how many calories I was eating. Just being aware of this made things in my brain begin to shift.

    You don’t have to change your life on Day 1. In fact, no way would I recommend doing that.

    For me, just being aware and being mindful slowed me down enough that weight loss began happening. As I got more comfortable, I plunged into goals, began exercising more, and read, read, read this forum.

    Like many, I went whole hog. I was gonna lose that weight, baby! I was hungry and tired and lord knows I was irritable, but I thought it was tolerable. It wasn’t. Thankfully, my dietician (RECOMMEND!!!!!) recognized I wasn’t eating enough and had me bump up calories, and she and my (by then) trainer later convinced me to bump them up yet again.

    My poor husband was afraid to say anything. It’s like the eternal “does this dress make my *kitten* look big?” question. Had he said anything at all, I would have bitten his head off probably the whole first year. Nor would it have been fair me to expect his support for such a personal journey, where his head was on the line, lol. His support was silent and unspoken, but it was there, bless his heart.

    Having my dietician and trainer on the one team, and my MFP Team here in the boards made a world of difference.

    Reading people’s stories here, realizing I wasn’t by myself, that others had the same questions and issues and were reaching out to resolve them felt like someone had my back. Seriously. Like I had a place to lean my back into when I got tired, or weary, or questioned what I was doing and if I’d get there.

    TL:DR we’ve all been there. Use these boards for wisdom and support, and you will get there.
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    Not everyone is the same, so I'll just tell you what has worked for me: establishing a routine and sticking to it. I like knowing ahead of time what I'm going to be eating and how much of it. Then I don't have to spend a lot of time wondering and worrying about it. I like eggs with tortilla chips and salsa, sounds like a good breakfast to me! I actually often eat something like that for lunch if I'm not having leftovers. I usually eat the same thing for breakfast - baked oatmeal with blueberries and a tablespoon of peanut butter (I weigh it out - 16 grams, every day. It's easy to go overboard with peanut butter.)

    Some people like the freedom to be able to eat spontaneously as long as it fits within their calorie goals. I find that's an invitation for me to go overboard and I struggle with that, so I plan ahead and pick things I enjoy, but it helps me be more neutral about it. If you track your cycle that's something to be mindful of, and you might want to build a treat in or even extra calories those days because your body actually uses more (consider that your cycle at that point is preparing for a possible pregnancy, so it makes sense that you would actually need more calories for a few days. The amount is not a lot - I think 100-200 extra? - but it makes sense then that lots of women experience cravings around that time.)
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    Anyway, back to your question. Find something you like and will enjoy and look forward to for breakfast.

    That removes the temptation to fill up on random “junk”. Any food is fine if it fits within your calorie goals, but for me, “junk” foods were less filling and les to more cravings.

    I had to give away any food I perceived a lack of control over.

    I started with a simple smoothie which, silly as it sounds, tasted like a Frosty. That soothed my craving for fast or “junk” foods and I looked so forward to it every morning.

    These days I’m making simple pancakes with Bisquick heart smart, but subbing egg whites and cashew milk, and adding a tsp of baking powder. I divide the batch into three and either use sugar free maple syrup, or I prefer to hit them with a light sweep of jam or lemon curd.

    A carb smart wrap filled with egg or egg white, a half serving of cheese, and some kind of chopped meat is filling and particularly low cal.
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    Geez, I want some chips now...I love, love, love chips. But, back to the question - I happen to dislike the majority of breakfast foods (at least the ones that don't involve mounds of sugary goodness with little to no nutritional value). Eggs don't always agree with me so I tend to avoid them. To be honest, I will often eat lunch or dinner leftovers for breakfast because they fill me up, generally are balanced for my needs, and are pretty tasty. Sometimes I get some looks...mainly from Gram who isn't too sold on eating non-breakfast foods for breakfast.

    A few of my more traditional breakfast go-tos are:
    - Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt with whatever toppings I have
    - Avocado Toast (often with smoked salmon or a fried egg)
    - Oatmeal - like it, just doesn't keep me so full
    - Shashuska - easy, versatile, can make it up in advance...usually eat it with a slice of warm Naan...come to think of it, I may like the Naan more
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    My go-to breakfast (and sometimes late night snack!) is oatmeal--sometimes sweetish, usually savory.

    I usually fix it savory style with added veggies for fiber and fullness (spinach, onions, mushrooms -- think omelet except with oatmeal instead of eggs) and a health dash of chili powder or curry depending on my mood. I sometimes top it with salsa or pico de gallo, shredded cheeze and maybe a couple of slices of avocado.

    If I'm feeling puny and the veg doesn't strike me, I add a diced apple or some frozen mixed berries and some stevia & cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice for a warm and aromatic cozy bowl. Stirring in a spoonful of cocoa powder is yummy too when the chocolate cravings strike! This is also one of my favorite late-night desserty-snacky treats, too.