What's your running schedule like?

Just curious. Mine is sporadic. But, lately, it's been:

SUN: Morning and night for 30 mins each
THU: Morning and night for 30 mins each
FRI: Morning for 30 mins
SAT: Morning and night for 30 mins each


  • CarsonRuns
    CarsonRuns Posts: 3,039 Member
    I run 6 to 7 days a week, up to 10 session in a week with stretches of up to 14 days (occasionally more) without a rest day.

    Regularly weekly runs are between 6 and 12 miles with a long run between 16 and 20 miles.

    I usually log about 50 miles a week and up to the low 80s during marathon training.
  • ThickMcRunFast
    ThickMcRunFast Posts: 22,511 Member
    5 days a week, 50-60 miles, ranging from 5 mile easy runs to 10-12 mile mid-week runs (usually including a tempo or interval run during the week) and a 14-20 mile long runs on Sunday. In September I will have several weeks where I race 5-15k on Saturdays before a long run Sunday, but that is for marathon training. If I'm not training for anything or concentrating on more difficult trail running I'll cut back to 30 miles or so.
  • michellekicks
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    ^ Carson is an animal.

    I have been running 3 times a week and lifting 3 times a week... but I'm gearing up for some races with a shoulder injury so no lifting for me right now.

    My schedule for the next 4 weeks is pretty much this:

    1 5km, fast run
    1 long slow run (about 18-20km right now)
    1 10km tempo run
    1 6-8km hill run
    1 whatever-I-feel like run
    1 cross-training (Les Mills Combat DVD) day
    1 rest day
  • emAZn
    emAZn Posts: 413 Member
    Usually 4 days a week alternating between outside steady pace runs and treadmill sprints. Going into marathon training here though so I'll be bumping that up to 5 days a week with long runs on the weekends.
  • GBPack93
    GBPack93 Posts: 76
    7 Days a week
    Monday 7 Miles
    Tuesday 7 Miles
    Wednesday 7 Miles
    Thursday 7 Miles
    Friday 9 Miles
    Saturday Long Run 20-22 Miles
    Sunday 6 Miles
  • teamAmelia
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    ^ Carson is an animal.

    IKR? Go, Carson! :bigsmile:

    For future posters, do you split your runs, like one in the morning or one in the evening, or do you just run once a day?
  • Will_Thrust_For_Candy
    Will_Thrust_For_Candy Posts: 6,109 Member
    I'm pretty new to running.....doing a 10k training program now. Run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and lift Wednesday and Saturday.

    ETA....no split, all in one shot once per day.
  • Run everyday expect for maybe sunday always four or more miles somtimes four plus hill drills or mile repeats :P cross country probs.
  • wolfchild59
    wolfchild59 Posts: 2,608 Member
    I need to break up my running with other workouts or I end up sore/injured. So my schedule is like so:

    Sunday - long run day (length depends on current goal and/or race training)
    Monday - Strength, upper and lower body, 3 sets of lifting heavy
    Tuesday - Mid-length run, usually somewhere from 4-5 miles
    Wednesday - Intervals, either speed intervals or hill intervals, alternates each week (or night off if my body needs it)
    Thursday - Strength, upper and lower body, 2 sets of lifting heavy, 3-4 mile run
    Friday - night off
    Saturday - 45-60min of any non-running cardio (elliptical, stair mill, or ARC trainer mostly)

    When I was running every single day, I had a lot of ankle and knee issues (I had previous injuries from when I was younger). And when I switched to the above schedule all injuries stopped and it helped my speed and endurance.

    I workout once a day. On weekdays it's in the evening, after work. On weekends it early, sometimes 8am runs on Sundays and usually just sometime before noon on Saturdays.
  • clepant
    clepant Posts: 3,060 Member
    I use to run every day. Now I try to do a run every other day. No double runs a day. I try to let my muscles heal. Alternate days are usually cycling or swimming and even fast pace walking. I am working up the food chain. I run about 6 to 7 miles adding hill training...or intervals in there. Training for a half marathon in the spring. But ran a sprint triathlon and will do a 10k in a few weeks and a 5K in two weeks. Also do some strength training as well.
  • VeggieKidMandy
    VeggieKidMandy Posts: 575 Member
    I jog for about thirty minutes in the morning 4 or 5 times a week before I start my regular workout routine, which includes power yoga and Zumba. I dont really log my miles, but my guess would be its about 2-3 miles a day.
  • DavidMartinez2
    DavidMartinez2 Posts: 840 Member
    Monday AM - 4 mile run
    Monday PM - 6 mile group run
    Tuesday - Rest
    Wednesday - Speed work @ track
    Thursday - 7 to 10 mile run
    Friday - 8 miles
    Saturday - 10 to 14 miles
    Sunday - Another long run