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Ideas for Most Convenient and Satiating Foods?

TodayIAte_____TodayIAte_____ Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
Hi all, I'm just beginning a committed effort to lose 170 pounds (and to make that even more challenging, I'm a short, elderly, sedentary woman). Because I work 60-70 hours a week (between watching my toddler granddaughter and working a desk job), my available free time and energy are low. I would be fine with eating repetitive meals, but I need ideas for things that are easy to fix or easy to grab, satisfying, and also satiating. I do find that a readymade protein shake for breakfast works quite well mixed with coffee, but would love some tested-out lunch, dinner and possibly snack ideas. Thanks in advance!


  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Member Posts: 8,645 Member Member Posts: 8,645 Member
    Before you committed to losing weight, what did you like to eat? Couldn't you eat those same things but just less of it? That would make it pretty simple.
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  • TodayIAte_____TodayIAte_____ Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Unfortunately, have been having food delivered on a regular basis. Bad for both wallet and waistline.

    Edited to add: Also way too many sweets, baked goods, etc.
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  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Member Posts: 8,645 Member Member Posts: 8,645 Member
    But what do you like to eat? Do you like to cook? It's hard to give suggestions without some information.

    I live in So California, so my suggestions may not work for you.
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  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,133 Member Member Posts: 7,133 Member
    I like:
    Greek yogurt with fruit
    Large salads with protein
    Roasted cauliflower and chick peas
    Cabbage stir fry
    Zucchini/summer squash and mushrooms to bulk out meals
    Rotisserie chicken
    Veggie burger
    Sliced apple with cinnamon and Kay's naturals protein snacks
    Iced coffee with sugar free syrup and organic unsweetened soymilk
  • TodayIAte_____TodayIAte_____ Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Thank you both for your responses, but I'm thinking now that maybe I'd be better off with something like Nutri-System for the time being, since I just have no time for meal planning or cooking.
  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Member Posts: 6,214 Member Member Posts: 6,214 Member
    First of all look into healthy delivery options. With so many places delivering now due to Covid, surely there are some low calorie options near you. For example, near me I have a pizza place which also delivers good quality spaghetti with marinara meat sauce, low in calories and just like I would make it myself, plus a side salad of mixed greens and vinaigrette. It’s no cheaper to eat the spaghetti than the pizza and much more filling for the calories. Other good options can often be found at ethnic restaurants, particularly if you avoid the Americanized foods and eat what people from that country prefer.

    Your pocketbook can’t handle that every day but it will help take some pressure off. Then add some easy options, like a rotisserie chicken with microwave steamed veggies and sweet potato. Takes five minutes. If you have ten minutes, you can make something complicated like a stir-fry.

    Then think about meals you can batch cook and reheat, like sheet pan vegetables. One of my favorite batch cooking tricks is a whole pork loin - cheap, and can be used for steaks, stir-fry, sandwiches.

    Nutri-system isn’t a bad idea for some meals but it’s expensive, not filling for what you get, and won’t teach you the life skills you are going to need to keep going.

    Good luck to you! Remember baby steps, if you swap out even one meal a week from a fried takeout to a healthy one, that’s one step in the right direction, you don’t have to be perfect to get results.
  • skinnyrev2bskinnyrev2b Member Posts: 370 Member Member Posts: 370 Member
    I'm a fan of the slow cooker - bung meat and veg, or just veg, into the cooker. Put it on low first thing, and eat at dinner!
    Cottage cheese on rice cakes, fruit and raw veg for lunch.
    Overnight oats - prep last thing (2mins prep). Tasty brekkie. Even more filling if made with protein powder.
  • bubus05bubus05 Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    My number one secret recipe on my 90 lbs weight loss was poached egg with home made mayo made of extra virgin olive oil, lemon, white wine vinegar, dijon mustard, with lots of fresh onion. I think I must have eaten a d.a.m.n. chicken farm over the course of a year. It is effective, relative high calorie extremely satiating, will fill you with healthy stuff. This thing can be made in less than 15 mins and won't bankrupt you. It is hardly revolutionary but sometimes one just has to go back to basics...
  • snowflake954snowflake954 Member Posts: 6,476 Member Member Posts: 6,476 Member
    It all depends on your daily calorie goal. Toast w low fat cheese and sliced veggies, or batch cooking a chicken breast on the weekends, keeping it in the frig and using when you need some fast protein can be good options. I'm a fan of greek yogurt w a little honey or sweetner and fresh fruit instead of deserts. Cleaning and prepping vegetables takes time, so maybe do some on the weekends, otherwise buy bags of salad and carrots.

    Buying prepared meals costs money. There are options. Many people ask for easy meals on here. There are many threads with ideas and links to recipes. It's just necessary to change your habits. You can do it a little at a time. Maybe start doing all your snacks on your own for a week, and the next week do at least one meal. Gradual changes might be helpful. Good luck.
  • brightsideofpinkbrightsideofpink Member Posts: 1,017 Member Member Posts: 1,017 Member
    I empathize as a busy working mom (who can be pretty lazy in the kitchen). My favorite easy foods that are filling tend to lean toward protein. I eat scrambled eggs for a meal probably every other day. I hard boil a big batch for quick snacks or to add to bagged salad. I love (vermont smoke and cure) meat sticks and lean deli ham. Batch cooking also helps. A big turkey meatloaf will last days. Same with salsa crockpot chicken (look it up, you'll thank me). You can buy precooked chicken, either whole rotisserie or pieces. No work there. Celery sticks in yogurt dressing, fresh fruit.

    As for time with your grandaughter, that's the perfect time to squeeze in movement. Play hide and seek, tag, hit the park, walk. Those non exercise movements add up. And toddlers are fast!

    You can do this, especially with just a little planning.
  • brightsideofpinkbrightsideofpink Member Posts: 1,017 Member Member Posts: 1,017 Member
    Oh sweet potatoes are another go to for me that are satisfying, and I can eat at just about any time of day. Poke with fork and oven roast several at a time. Plus they often hit my sweet craving so I'm not craving a treat after a meal.
  • NVintageNVintage Member Posts: 409 Member Member Posts: 409 Member

    The Plan~*Drink Some Water! *~ Calories

    Add Food Quick Tools
    *30 Min. + Exercise/Housework*
    Add Food Quick Tools
    Eat When Hungry From 930AM-
    Fairlife - Fairlife® Fat-free Ultra-filtered Milk, 0.25 Cup (240mL) 35 2 0 3 30 2
    20oz Fresh Brewed - Coffee (Black), 20 oz 5 0 0 1 0 0
    Maple Syrup, 1 tbsp 55 14 0 0 3 13
    Generic - Peach Preserves, 0.3 tbsp 20g 15 4 0 0 0 2
    sams club - creamy almond butter, 1 tablespoon 90 5 8 3 0 2
    Natures Own - Wheat, 1 slice 50 10 1 4 0 1

    Add Food Quick Tools 250 35 9 11 33 20
    marketside - kale pecan chopped salad kit, 0.5 cups 50 4 4 1 63 3
    Stouffers - Vegetable Lasagna, 1 Pa
    ckage 400 43 19 17 680 4
    Add Food Quick Tools 450 47 23 18 743 7
    Homemade - Mint Tea, 8 oz 0 0 0 0 0 0
    Homemade - Roasted Red Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes, 8 oz 198 45 0 4 72 6
    Turkey Salsa Thyme Wrap, 1 serving(s) 401 38 27 32 1,013 4

    Add Food Quick Tools 599 83 27 36 1,085 10
    + 150 Cal. Drink/Dessert Maybe
    Add Food Quick Tools

    Totals 1,299 165 59

    Turkey Salsa Thyme Wrap
    Reduced fat ranch dressing (1 tbsp)
    Hot sauce, to taste
    turkey (3 ounces)
    shredded cheese
    pico de gallo
    shredded lettuce
    All inside of a-
    Spinach tortilla, warmed in skillet with olive oil and thyme until golden
  • penguinmama87penguinmama87 Member, Premium Posts: 420 Member Member, Premium Posts: 420 Member
    I often have little children around while I'm cooking (mom of five). Here's some of the strategies I've learned that you might find helpful if you haven't employed them already:

    For all ages, I do some prep during naptime or after bed, or when children are busy playing. I double meals for extra leftovers or to freeze half. It's a very little more work upfront but the payoff is a meal that's just as if not more convenient than ordering out later (plus less expensive.) I make slow cooker meals or meals that require very little standing in front of the stove time when I know I'm going to have to be extra attentive to my kids or whatever else I have going on that day.

    With very little babies, I wear them in a carrier or wrap so I can have my hands free while they still get the comfort of being held. When they are older and more content to be awake and not held 24/7, I employ a swing, bouncy seat, or exersaucer within view of me while I cook. I talk to them about what I'm doing. When they're mobile, I babyproof thoroughly and if they like to sit under my feet (they all go through a stage with this, it seems) I will put a gate in the kitchen doorway so they can watch me but I won't trip over or drop anything on them. I still talk to them so they know they're not forgotten. This also seems a good beginning to teaching patience. They learn that I will in fact be there in just a minute when I say I will. I have a bin of appropriate toys they can play with (this is a nice use for kitchen toys - they can pretend to cook like me.)

    With toddlers and preschoolers and up, I give them small tasks to do in the kitchen to "help." Sometimes, admittedly, they are not very helpful and they make a mess. But they enjoy having the time with me and I enjoy it with them, too. And this is learning to be comfortable in the kitchen. My elementary school aged kids are capable of making several simple meals and can use the stove and other appliances with supervision. It took time but it's really bearing some nice fruit now, and I hope that when they leave home they are more skilled than I was when I started out.

    (I also have really fond memories of my grandma doing this with me when I was young! Though I didn't get to see her very much so it was a rare thing, and I mostly only learned to bake desserts. Delicious, but not as practical!)
  • crb426crb426 Member Posts: 563 Member Member Posts: 563 Member
    What about soups, stews, and chilis? One big pot that lasts several meals.
  • Speakeasy76Speakeasy76 Member Posts: 543 Member Member Posts: 543 Member
    If you find the premade protein shakes filling, would you be willing to make your own that are probably better for you anyway?

    I used to drink a lot of smoothies and found them satisfying. I'd use either protein powder or Greek yogurt (1 scoop or one cup), whatever assortment of fruits and/or veggies I felt like, and some healthy fat like avocado, flaxseed or chia seed. I also used to eat lunch meat as a quick protein fix, but then realized that's probably not great for my health to eat processed meats every day. So instead, I've either been getting a rotisserie chicken and eating that, or just recently started making my own. I'll do it on the weekend so I have it for the week.

    If you do have more time on the weekends, meal prep may be a good plan for you. You make one or maybe 2 things on the weekend, then you'll have your lunch for the rest of the week. There also lots of ideas for freezer crockpot meals on Pinterest.

    For snacks, fruit with nuts or a cheese stick is always good, or veggies with hummus. Chobani also has less sugar individual yogurt cups, and you could always add some fruit.
  • dylangrrrrldylangrrrrl Member Posts: 62 Member Member Posts: 62 Member
    I'm a working mom of two and never cooked much. It's not super healthy but I have been eating a Lean Cuisine or a Red's burrito for lunch every day, 3 snacks like tangerines, chobani yogurts, veggies, apples, cheese stick during the day and small portions of whatever we're having for dinner as a family. I also drink 8 oz of Chardonnay nearly every evening so may not be the best one to take advice from LOL! I'm at the beginning of my journey and have lost 11 pounds/run 3 times a week and try to walk/hike with my kids 2x a week. Good luck on your journey!
  • annemeyer624annemeyer624 Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    I hear you. I really do. I have only been doing this for 3 weeks and have over 100 lbs to lose. So far, I have l have lost over 10 lbs. by planning ahead and not eating out as much. I also work full time in an office and help a bit at home on our dairy farm and cook dinner every night for my husband and 2 sons.
    Do you have any free time on the weekends? You need to have some time for yourself.
    I have found that an hour or two spent meal prepping on the weekend makes a huge difference during the week.
    I make a batch of my own egg mcmuffins with whole wheat english muffins, an egg, a slice of ham and cheese and freeze these individually. I microwave one every morning for breakfast. It takes 1 minute for breakfast during the week. For lunch, I will cook a big batch of chicken and use it for several lunches: chicken tacos, salad with chicken, chicken and microwaved vegetables, etc. I bought meal prep containers, label each one and then grab one in the morning for lunch that day. If I have any leftovers during the week I will put those in a meal prep container and label and freeze. It gives me a nice variety for lunches that are already to go!
    Good luck!
    You can do this!
  • mmnv79mmnv79 Member Posts: 538 Member Member Posts: 538 Member
    sijomial wrote: »
    Baked potatoes are extremely satiating, low calorie, good amount of fibre, inexpensive, low effort to prepare and very versatile by varying the fillings.

    I buy a couple of kilos of potatoes, and I bake them and freeze them, as a make-ahead meal. I defrost one in the microwave and serve them with whatever I have handy at the time, such baked beans, tuna and sweetcorn, kidney beans and Mexican spices,...
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