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missylee924missylee924 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
I’m 40 years old now and need to get back to the weight I was a couple of years ago! I fell a year and a half ago and ruptured a disc. I waited all year to have surgery, so I can’t claim the covid 15 like others lol. I gained a TON of weight because I had to stop working out, but was still eating like I was!! Now I’m 4.5 months out of surgery, coaching gymnastics 5 days a week, and wanting to get back to a healthy weight so I can get back to my fit flexible self!! I’m looking forward to being able to throw tricks again in the gym to show the girls how it should be done!! I know we can ALL attain our goals with hard work and commitment!!! We got this y’all!!!
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