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New MFP Friends

nwoutdoorgrlnwoutdoorgrl Member Posts: 168 Member Member Posts: 168 Member
Hi! I've been on and off MFP for years. I've tried so many different programs and diets to lose weight and I've always fallen back to good 'ol calorie counting.

I recently tried WW (formerly Weight Watchers) but it just didn't work for me. I couldn't get past their idea of "free foods." I overate fruits and veggies, mostly fruits, because they were zero points and I didn't have to log them.

Anyway, I'm committed to calorie counting and looking for support and encouragement from others who are active here and have open food dairies. I would love to root you on as well 😊


  • skinnyrev2bskinnyrev2b Member Posts: 370 Member Member Posts: 370 Member
    Sounds like a familiar pattern! Happy to be a friend if you're still looking.
  • crmzncrmzn Member, Premium Posts: 51 Member Member, Premium Posts: 51 Member
    Feel free to add me 😊
  • ShellyKeller14ShellyKeller14 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Hi. I am new here and have also tried WW before. I like the concept but couldn't keep up with all the tracking. Happy to be a friend, if interested :)
  • IndyFitAgainIndyFitAgain Member Posts: 54 Member Member Posts: 54 Member
    Been off and on MFP for a few years too, lost and gained it back. I was successful with keto a couple of those times but didn't stick with it; now I'm basically counting CICO as well.

    It really does help to have supportive friends to give a pat on the back as well as a boot in the pants when needed.

    Feel free to add me.
  • denisecarey00denisecarey00 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I’ve just recently started back on MFP & really need the motivation to lose weight. Friend me if you want.
  • nwoutdoorgrlnwoutdoorgrl Member Posts: 168 Member Member Posts: 168 Member
    I sent you all a friend request 😊
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