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starting over after a few (not so) small hiccups...

mommacara82mommacara82 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
last march, i was about ten pounds away from goal at 172lbs, able to do a full hard gym workout, and able to hike miles at a time, or go jogging however long i felt... did the first 5k with my daughter two years ago, and was feeling pretty amazing! then life hit, and it hit hard, first think something happened at home where i had to move fast into a safe place (thankfully done in about three weeks, had one amazing friend who wouldn’t give up on me!) in the midst of COVID closing it all down, started working every night (it’s a nurse thing, it’s what most of us did, right?) and stopped watching the calories in at all... workouts stopped altogether... start moving again and annual exam takes me to a biopsy takes me to a procedure to remove my cervix (but yet again, the thoughts “i can get over this”) and then i step on the scale and see the weight on it... i’ve gained back well over 50 of the near 200 lbs i’ve lost... and it sparks a little shame, and i cannot exercise at all right away, i’m essentially in the house for a bit, until i’m not... i am back on track now, have already lost over ten pounds, but that fifty more seems SO daunting now! and i know this yo-yo is bad, but it’s time to gain control of my life again! (just a happy little thought, it WILL happen again!) does anyone else post their “f-word” photos just because they wish they had some before-pictures from the first time around?
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