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It's been a minute

amberrea82amberrea82 Member Posts: 238 Member Member Posts: 238 Member
Some things have changed since the last time I logged in, like I had a beautiful baby girl end of September last year and she is my reason. Nothing else. I hit my highest of 322 again and I'm down 54 lbs since then. I quit smoking cigarettes and barely drink anything besides water, let alone alcohol. We get out for walks with the stroller which Billie loves, and on the yucky weather days we've started doing pilates and other no-equipment-needed exercises.

A little bit about me - I'm 38, live in Calgary as of this past January, was told I'd never have kids due to PCOS and endometriosis...surprise!! My biggest motivation besides my baby girl is my dad, who we lost 3 years ago and our daughter is named after.

Always happy to meet new friends, so please feel free to add me! 😊


  • g2renewg2renew Member Posts: 79 Member Member Posts: 79 Member
    @amberrea82 Congratulations! Billie is beautiful:-) You have managed 3 pretty remarkable feats -Motherhood, losing 54 lbs, and stopping smoking are all life-changers for the better! Looking forward to hearing about your continued successes:-).
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