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Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 150



  • fmfdfa2020fmfdfa2020 Member Posts: 532 Member Member Posts: 532 Member
    @fmfdfa2020 I was aiming for 64 ounces of water until I met my doctor. She told me to think about aiming for 1/2 my body weight (lbs) in oz. When I started, I was 155 and rounded out to 75 oz of water. Now I just naturally aim for 90 since my water cup is 30 oz and I don't have to measure or guess.

    Everyone is different, though. Turns out, my body does so so so much better when I drink more. Plus, I've found that when I manage to drink more, I eat smaller portions and it's become a win-win. (My doc did mention that water will help me understand hunger vs thirst when she suggested upping it to 1/2 body weight).

    It's not a requirement (bodies are funny and everyone's reacts differently) but it was nice to experiment and find what makes a difference for me! Best of luck (:

    Thanks @CamandJarvis - very good to know! I'm feeling better at 62 to 64oz so now ready to try upping it. I was living on probably 4 cups a day before. Thanks again!
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 5,005 Member Member Posts: 5,005 Member
    Round 150
    ROUND 108 FOR ME.

    “Today….I am choosing Me”


    Highest weight ever (2014/2015): 253
    Original starting weight for this current journey : (1-11-2018) 235.0
    R149 EW= 208.8
    R150 EW= TBD

    Current New Goals:

    Short Term Goal: To weigh less at the end of this round than I did at the end of the last round.
    Final goal: 145-155. We’ll see how I look & feel when I get there.
    Exercise: Move 30 minutes per day rotating activity.



    COLOR CODE: Fuchsia is a Happy Weight Loss for me. Blue is a sad weight gain.Black is no change.
    R43 through R53 (06/07/18 thru 09/24/18) = …..19.4 LOST (Ending weight 176.0)
    R53 through R63 (09/24/18 thru 01/02/19) = …..9.5 GAINED (Ending weight 185.5)
    R63 through R73 (01/02/19 thru 04/12/19) = …..6.3 GAINED (Ending weight 191.8)
    R73 through R83 (04/12/19 thru 07/21/19) = …..3.6 GAINED (Ending weight 195.4)
    R83 through R93 (07/21/19 thru 10/29/19) = …..7.4 LOST (Ending weight 188.0)
    R93 through R103 (10/29/19 thru 02/06/20) = …4.1 GAINED(Ending weight 192.1)
    R103 through 113 (02/06/20 thru 05/06/20) = …..12.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 204.9)

    R113 through 123 (05/07/20 thru 08/24/20) = [color=blue)…..4.4 GAINED [/color=blue] (Ending Weight 209.3)

    R124 (08/25/20 thru 09/03/20) = [color-=blue)……1.8 GAINED [/color=blue] (Ending Weight 211.2)

    R125 (09/04/20 thru 09/13/20) = ……1.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 212.6)

    R126 (09/14/20 thru 09/23/20) = ……0.6 LOST [/color-fuchsia] (Ending Weight 212.0)

    R127 (09/24/20 thru 10/03/20) = ……1.6 LOST (Ending Weight 210.4)

    R128 (10/04/20 thru 10/13/20) = ……1.8 LOST [/color-fuchsia] (Ending Weight 208.6)

    R129 (10/14/20 thru 10/23/20) = ……1.8 LOST (Ending Weight 206.8)

    R130 (10/24/20 thru 11/02/20) = ……1.8 GAINED (Ending Weight 208.6)

    R131 (11/03/20 thru 11/12/20) = ……1.2 LOST [/color-fuchsia] (Ending Weight 207.4)

    R132 (11/13/20 thru 11/22/20) = ……0.7 GAINED (Ending Weight 208.1)

    R 123 thru R133 (08/24 thru 12/02/20) = ……2.6 LOST (Ending Weight 206.8)

    R133 thru R143 (12/03/20 thru 03/02/21) = ……0.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 207.0)

    R144 (03/13/21 thru 03/22/21) = ……0.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 207.4)

    R145 (03/23/21 thru 04/01/21) = ……0.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 207.6)

    R146 (04/02/21 thru 04/11/21) = ……1.2 LOST (Ending Weight 206.4)

    R147 (04/12/21 thru 04/21/21) = ……0.6 GAINED (Ending Weight 207.0)

    R148 (04/22/21 thru 05/01/21) = ……0.4 LOST (Ending Weight 206.6)

    R149 (05/02/21 thru 05/11/21) = ……2.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 208.8)

    R150 (05/12/21 thru 05/21/21) = ……xxx LOST (Ending Weight xxxxx)

    05/11 …..208.8….. ENDING WEIGHT LAST ROUND
    05/12 …..208.4 ….. I am feeling super-charged and inspired. I hope this feeling lasts all day. No…..I hope it lasts for as long as I need it to. For some reason, this feels like ground zero! Good luck everyone on this round.

    05/13 …..207.4 ….. I tried a little Intermittent Fasting again yesterday. It went well during it but I did have a small glucose drop last night which I handled well. I will try again today. I’m a lady in training again, I suppose. Feeling good again today. I am seeing my doctor again in about a month. She said she needs to see a dramatic change or I’ll have to start taking insulin shots (which I am fighting). She took my fasting glucose (I was extra good the days prior knowing she would) was 513. My AIC was 13.8 . Things are not good here, but they are about to improve. I am working on my diet but also on my stress levels too. Stress has been through the roof!

    05/14 …..207.4 ….. Day 2 on the IF and it went well. Later, my daughter and DGS #4 moved back in due to her home problems. Last time we had a pretty bad argument and she had left, I think we will both try harder this time. She is looking for a rental but in this rural area that is few and far between. I’ll support her in any way I can. I just hope my diet doesn’t go askew now that normal meals will be needed for her and the 3 ½ year old.

    05/15 …..206.6 ….. Another good drop. No sleep last night. Literally, not one hour. Tried to nap today but still no sleep. Then I realized I accidentally took my thyroid pill before bed. That explains it. Well, I should sleep good tonight! Celebrating my birthday from the 10th tomorrow with my daughters. A ladies spa day. I’m looking forward to it.

    05/16 …..206.6 ….. I thought it would be lower. I had a perfect eating day yesterday. No bad snacks too (which is my nighttime weakness). However, it was a lazy rest day otherwise with my daughter and DGS staying the night with friends. Not much movement but I needed the rest from no sleep the night before. Today we celebrate my belated birthday. Spa day and dinner out. I will be very careful to keep up the progress.

    05/17 …..206.8 ….. After multiple days of celebrations this week, I am happy with this number. Back to IF today and good choices.

    05/18 …..206.8 ….. Glad to be maintaining but would like to see a little progress. My daughter brought me home a butter pecan Gelato last night which I ate. I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings as she is very fragile right now with her situation. Also, it was very expensive for the amount you get. I ate it and enjoyed it, but tonight I will carefully have another talk with her if her mood is okay. It’s not just about weight. It’s about the diabetes too. I know she is just trying to be nice and to be grateful for my help. Perhaps she can take a walk with me instead. I truly would appreciate that more! Thankfully I had made a very low cal and low carb dinner so the scale was not negatively affected.

    05/19 …..xxxxx …..

    05/20 …..xxxxx …..

    05/21 …..xxxxx …..
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