Overeating and Accountability

Hiya, I hope you are doing better than me?

I eat too much and too often.

I know this, but I keep eating! It's become a crutch, almost like my fat is a barrier to anyone getting close to me, no one will want me like this!
You have concluded that I've been hurt and I've put on weight...
I sit alone at night and I eat till I have indigestion, and when I finally go to bed, I have acid so badl that I sit up and try to sleep 🤣 it's ridiculous, I know, but I do it again and again.
I have so many things going on at the moment, food is the only thing that comforts me, but it shouldn't.
Does anyone else have a silly relationship with food?
I'd like to connect with people that are similar so they can telle oof and vise versa if wanted.


  • Bex953172
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    I use to mindlessly eat junk food. Now I mindfully eat junk food. Sometimes I just can't stop even though I know its adding more and more calories. I don't eat the extent you do though, where I'm getting Indigestion etc.

    I would work on your self discipline. Learning to tell yourself no, something I need to reteach myself.

    My favourite way of thinking of it was if my kids were doing it, I'd tell them to stop. I wouldn't allow them to eat until they're sick, nor would I let them eat so much unhealthy food in one sitting.

    When you grow up you don't get parented anymore so in a way you have to parent yourself. Tell yourself 'no I can't eat any more, I've had enough.' 'No you're not having a bag of sweets, if you're hungry you can have an apple instead.'

    Could you try doing it? For one day maybe?Just one day, you don't have any snacks. You may be hungry, you may be craving. But for one day, you COULD do it.

    It will also show you that if you can do it for one day, you could do it for another. It's just getting used to the change. And you can only get used to the change if you MAKE the change