Routine Motivation/Rejig

Hello, I could use some advice please.

As much as I've been enjoying my workout and bulking routine, I'm starting to get a bit lost as to how progress.

I feel like my calories must be a little out of whack, and depending on the day/time/how much i've eaten/what colour the moon is I can vary from anything about 11st 2lbs to 12st6lbs lol. I also feel that I've been putting on more fat than and that I'm not entirely sure what cardio etc I can be doing to help trim this down a bit.

This has compounded to create a mood where I'd like to go to the gym, but just feel as though I'm self defeating at the moment.

Thoughts would be appreciated on:
a) Re-calculating my calories and macro % split to aim towards a bit of fat lost while maintaining muscle, with the aim of going back onto a bulk to continue mass gain once complete.
b) Expected timescale of a.
c) Recommended routines to help with these goals - particularly cardio, running, swimming, HIIT, yoga etc on off days that's recommended to help.
d) Just general re-motivation - a little burnt out.

Many thanks, and stay awesome.


  • claireychn074
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    You might have better luck posting in the “gaining weight and body building” section - there are a load of experienced lifters who bulk and cut in there who could give you advice 👍