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Who needs a friend???? Do we match?



  • Megan_smartiepants1970Megan_smartiepants1970 Member, Premium Posts: 21,453 Member Member, Premium Posts: 21,453 Member
    Anyone is welcome to add me ..... I have been on here off and on since 09/2010 ...I am 50 years old .... Started at 269 lbs .... I am down to 214 ..I just had my 2nd hernia surgery on 4/28... my plan is to start walking on Monday and work my way up to where I was before surgery (10 miles ) I will also be swimming in my pool this summer ... My ultimate goal is 130-140lbs ....Wishing you all the very best on your journey ...I belong to an amazing group called fat2fit if anyone is interested in signing up .... You can sign up on the forums under support/motivation and under challenges ..or you can find our homepage and sign up there :)
    Here is the link to where you can sign up under support/motivation
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  • Saraep1313Saraep1313 Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member
    Hi, I dont know how to add people and still getting my head around the acronyms. I've just turned 40. I want to actually start working out properly although I am relatively active. I have 4 children. Xx
  • sgmorg1sgmorg1 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    Stephanie here. I’m 54 and have just hit 199 pounds. First time trying this app so could use a friend for sure. Usually up and down on diets. Mom of 1 college grad!
    Now 199
    1GW. 185
    2GW. 172
    3GW 158
  • ilovecereals182ilovecereals182 Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
    Always happy to add more friends!

    I just rejoined in hopes of losing some weight, toning up, improving some of my blood work, cholesterol and all that jazz...

    I’m almost 40 annnd have a couple kiddos, couple doggos, married for almost 12 years and loving life in North Carolina!
  • work_againwork_again Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member
    Back at it again... 3rd? 4th time? I've done many programs but had huge success with MFP. OW was 255 and lowest was 170.

    CW: 195
    GW: 180

    Let's do this!
  • Mom2mdvMom2mdv Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    Hi! I’d like to be friends. 🙂 I also had weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve) and lost 190. I kept it off for 3 years by eating right and exercising. Then I got a concussion and gained quite a bit due to lack of impulse control with food for 3 years. Uffda! I’ve been trying to do WW but I think counting calories might be a better choice right now. On a positive note, I’ve kept off 109 pounds.

    Age: 52
    H: 5’5”
    HW: 358
    CW: 249
    LW: 168
    1GW: 225
    2GW: 200
    UGW: 180

    "Uffda"! I knew you had to be from Minnesota! I was just going to ask you and then I looked at your profile name closer. Love it! From Minnesota also❤❤
  • skelly6902skelly6902 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I'm still trying to get my head around MFP. I've not managed to work out how to add any challenges or friends and would like to have friends to help with motivation.

    I'm a 53 workaholic but not very active
    Recently diagnosed with spinal arthritis
    H 5.4
    SW 223.1
    CW 220.9
    GW 183
  • carlyjayney1980carlyjayney1980 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    I need accountability in the way of friends!!

    41 from the UK mum of 2 teens
    Had a hip replacement 3 years ago due to hip dysplasia and want to lose at least 62lbs to delay having the other one done for as long as possible.
  • JohnBarthJohnBarth Member Posts: 667 Member Member Posts: 667 Member
    Doubtful. Anyone else in their late 40s who lost their spouse unexpectedly earlier this year and trying to find any way forward? Sorry to be debbie downer, but I need friends that don't exist.

    Guess I'll go hiking. It's all that seems to keep me sane.
  • aimeeernestaimeeernest Member Posts: 165 Member Member Posts: 165 Member
    Hoping to find some people in similar shoes to follow! I'd like to have some friends in here.

    A little about me

    I’m 32, married, homeschooling mother of three, aged between middle school and preschool.

    Height: 5’8.5"
    SW: 184lbs (1/15/2021)
    CW: 146lbs (Today)
    UGW: 120lbs (Maybe)

    I don't have a lot of free time to myself so my weight loss journey has been based primarily on Calories in vs. Calories out, my trusty Samsung Gear watch (which does not inflate calories burned like other brands), food choice, eliminating night eating, and aiming for 10k steps per day.
  • aimeeernestaimeeernest Member Posts: 165 Member Member Posts: 165 Member
    JohnBarth wrote: »
    Doubtful. Anyone else in their late 40s who lost their spouse unexpectedly earlier this year and trying to find any way forward? Sorry to be debbie downer, but I need friends that don't exist.

    Guess I'll go hiking. It's all that seems to keep me sane.

    I know it's not the same, but I lost my dad a couple of years back on Christmas Day and the pain of that led me to gain to my high weight via emotional eating. He was too young. I was too young to not have a dad (not even 30 yet.) I couldn't cope. It took me 2 years to turn my habits around. I've now lost the weight but the pain is still there. I just wanted to extend my understanding of loss, even if it's not the same as your story. I think having a community like this (not facebook) where you can really just say what it is that is truly on your mind, can really help.
  • jeanaleigh2021jeanaleigh2021 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I would love to be friends :)

    I am 50, mother to 5, including 2 special needs amazing girls, and two fur babies. I gained a large amount because of a foot surgery gone wrong. I'm ready to start battling this weight head on :)

    Height: 5’4”
    SW: 235
    1st GW: 200 lbs
    2nd GW: 175 lbs
    3rd GW: 150 lbs
    UGW: 135 lbs
  • cruisinmermaidcruisinmermaid Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Hey all!

    I use to be active on MFP as well but starting over. We all know 2020 SUCKED and I'm looking to get healthier & happier and lose some of this quarantine weight 😪 (& then some lol).

    I'm (FINALLY, we had 3 postponements) getting married April 2022 and hoping to look & feel my best!

    Let's be friends and keep each other accountable 💪🏼.

    Age: 28
    Height: 5ft 4in
    SW: 239.2lbs
    UGW: 162.5lbs
  • pandorasjen79pandorasjen79 Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Hello everyone! I would love to have some friends on here. I'm 41 and a mom of four boys who are 15, 11,8, and 4. I lost 60 pounds when I was pregnant with my youngest due to morning sickness constantly. I've gained 30 of that back. 15 of those pounds have been since March when I quit smoking! We're talking about going on a cruise next year and I would love to be closer to my UGW.

    Age: 41
    Height 5ft 5in
    SW 209
    CW 204
    1st goal 199
    2nd goal 175
    3rd goal 150
    UGW 135
  • DaneOKDaneOK Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Howdy! I am back after a divorce and such, ready to roll! I am 35, no kids, but 2 fur babies that I am quite partial to (they may spam the newsfeed), and just looking for some good vibes to have in my corner!

    H: 6'1
    SW: 434 lbs (today)
    UGW: 220 lbs

    Still working on some mini goals, so will update!
  • CarlaSEvansCarlaSEvans Member, Premium Posts: 66 Member Member, Premium Posts: 66 Member
    This is my first time being on here. i could use some friends and motivation. I want to drop this weight and be nice to have a few people that are in the same boat as me.

    H: 5'0
    CW: 222.6
    1st GW: 199
    2nd GW: 180
    3rd GW: 160
    UGW: 140

    For now this is my goals to be at. Know it isnt much but it is a start.

    Thanks! 😊

    Good Luck to you!
  • BTScat144BTScat144 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Hello everyone! It is my first time on here and been active for almost a week! I just moved to a different country about 4 months ago and ever since have gained almost 25 pounds. Would love to befriend some lovely people on here :)

    H: 5'5
    CW: 170
    1st GW: 160
    2nd GW: 150
    3rd GW: 140
    UGW: 135
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  • AnewadventureforCariAnewadventureforCari Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    Good morning/day to all. I'm Cari. Embarking on a new mission to take my life and live it instead of watching it pass me by. I was here years ago, quit and joined WW. Had a good run on there, but just can't focus on food all the time and all that seems to go with WW. Calories seem like a better decision for me.

    I'd love to make new friends and give and receive support.

    H: 5'5"
    HW: 415lbs
    CW: 235lbs
    1st GW: 199lbs
    2nd GW: 175lbs
    UGW: unsure. gonna see how I feel as I lose weight
  • QugginQuggin Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Seems to be a running theme of people coming back to MFP. I'l throw myself into that group as well. When I first started MFP I weighed 272 pounds, and got all the way down to 190. An accident and a knee surgery later and I got back up to 224. I have been back a little while so am working it off, but please feel free to add me if you like. Please include a message (even if it's just the word 'Anything') so I know it's not a bot.

    Currently 50, I identify as a nerd with geek-like tendencies.

    H: 5'10"
    HW: 224 lbs. (This time around)
    CW: 212 lbs.
    1GW: 200 lbs.
    UGW: 190 lbs.
  • KrisTSved87KrisTSved87 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    33. Mama to a 2yr old and 1yr old. Our weight goals are almost identical!

    SW: 229
    1st GW: 199
    2nd GW: 180
    3rd GW: 160
    UGW: 140
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