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I have 170lbs to lose. Looking for those with similar goals



  • FancyIsMyNameFancyIsMyName Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Hi there! I’m 47, and have similar targets. SW 325, and have lost 11lbs so far.

    I’ve changed how I look at this completely as in that past when I focused on the total goal, I would give up far too soon. This time I’m down approx 4% of my SW. I only need to do that 10 more times, and I’ll be there! So my next goal is another 13 lbs right now.

    I have an open diary, and it’s not perfect, but this time I genuinely feel it’s sustainable. Would love additional friends with this type of journey!
  • FancyIsMyNameFancyIsMyName Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Totally @Steve25k, and silly question, can we just keep this thread alive as a group?
    What's one thing you all did today to take care of your body?
    I ate less junk today, made a healthy lunch for my family & took a long hot walk. 🔥👟 More than 1 thing, but today is a good day 😊

    Today, I packed a new salad, as I’ve been trying to keep a lot of variety. It was spinach, blueberries, turkey, and walnuts mixed with mango salsa and peach balsamic vinegar. Much better than the frequent DQ I was grabbing previously.
  • alpdexploreralpdexplorer Member Posts: 179 Member Member Posts: 179 Member
    Hello! I'm on the same boat. I'd like to lose a total of 170 (at least!). If anyone would like to add me on here, or Fitbit (we can do step challenges). My Fitbit username is missxxchaotic
  • Steve25kSteve25k Member Posts: 115 Member Member Posts: 115 Member
    I've joined some people on this group
    I'm sure they'd welcome others who want to join.

    The group is basically like a mini version of message boards but with the same people involved which makes it easier to have conversations and make supportive relationships.
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