June 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



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    - prelog the day
    - waterwaterwaterwater
    - deliberate movement daily
    - 2-3 runs per week
    - the scale will respond if I do the above

    6/1 - 192.8 sigh...I have got to get control of myself. Run today and hope to get the dogs out for a walk too.
    6/2 - 190.4 yesterday's run didn't happen but I did get the dogs out (and no, I can't run with the dogs, I plow up too much pavement). Zumba tonight.
    6/3 - (run) 189.0 planning to run today, assuming it'll be ugly as it's been several days since I ran. Would love to get the dogs out too but another rainy day. Ordered Provitalize which is supposed to help with early menopause symptoms and hormone fluctuations...will see if it helps with the scale. Going to try it for 3 months and see.
    6/4 - (walk) 186.0 I really don't trust this, but the scale told me the same number 3 times so I'll take it. Good run yesterday and a 2 mile walk with the dogs. Will get the dogs out today as well.
    6/5 - (walk) 187.8 sigh, I knew yesterday's number wouldn't last but glad I'm still down for the week. I'll take it!
    6/6 - (run) 188.8 I definitely eat differently on the weekend than I do during the week. Joined the Y yesterday with my husband so going to do my run there this afternoon, and either try a rowing machine (full body workout) or weights. Need to figure out a consistent Y routine of 3x/week with my husband.
    6/7 - (run) 188.0 so yesterday's run at the Y turned into a walk as I couldn't figure out the speed equivalent to my treadmill. Tried the rower for 5min, I think it's a keeper. Did some arm weights and ab machine. Today I'm going to run at home and walk with the dogs, back to the Y tomorrow.
    6/8 - (walk/run - Y) 188.4 Not sure why it's up a tick this morning. Yesterday's run didn't go well. Y today. Need to figure out dinner as no plan never works out well for me.
    6/9 - (zumba) 189.4 zumba today; light dinner (eggs)
    6/10 - (run) 189.8 not sure why the uptick again but will keep at it
    6/11 - (walk) 187.0 no run yesterday, no dinner either (protein shake at 11p).
    6/12 - (run) 186.6 It's 91 and humid today so not in the mood for a run. I need to do it though so am checking in here and hitting the treadmill, with a fan aimed right on me.
    6/13 - (Y) 187.0 Yesterday's run didn't happen, but I did walk 90min. Heading to the Y soon, need to be really careful with arm exercises as my shoulder has flared up again. I may need another cortisone shot as the previous in December has worn off.
    6/14 - 187.6 I think that's the number, it could have been 186.7 but I'm getting old and forgetful at 51 3/4 and it's been too long since I hopped on the scale this morning and I don't really remember, so I'm going with the higher of the two possibilities LOL. Regardless of which is correct, I'm pretty happy with it.
    6/15 (Y) - 187.0 off to the oncologist in Indianapolis today (2.5 hours from home) so won't be around. Didn't get home early enough to make it to the Y either.
    6/16 (zumba) - 186.6 not sure why I'm down today since I spent so much time sitting yesterday, but good to see this number again!
    6/17 (Y) - 185.6 a new low! Didn't go to zumba last night, still working on balancing work/life but making thoughtful food choices (even had a little chocolate last night!). Going to the Y with my husband tonight.
    6/18 - 188.0 I know not why but not giving up.
    6/19 (Y) - 187.6
    6/20 - 187.4
    6/21 - 188.4 bad choices this weekend led to the scale bump. Planning a run today.
    6/22 (Y) 188.2 didn't manage a run yesterday but will be at the Y today so will run there.
    6/23 (zumba) 187.6 the 20m run at the Y last night felt good. zumba tonight, that's always a fun workout.
    6/24 (Y) 190.6 zumba is out for the summer so will substitute with a run or a long walk on Wednesdays. Today is a trip to the Y and a run. And yes, I glutened myself...deliberately...even though I obviously knew I shouldn't do it. So +3 is the result this morning. It'd be so much easier to avoid gluten if it made me violently ill instead of a lot of water retention and just a little yuck that is hardly enough to notice. sigh.
    6/25 - 187.4 happy with that number; drank a ton of water yesterday and I guess it worked. Had a good run at the Y too, 25min. Pouring outside this morning, and all weekend. Hoping for a treadmill walk today.
    6/26 (run) - 185.8 planning a run today. More rain and storms which is never fun. Will keep drinking water too. This water retention thing is so misleading, no way to know where I really am at any point. My goal is to have the high spikes not hit so high, and my lows to drop lower.
    6/27 (Y/run) - 187.8 so I ate some chips yesterday and not just a couple. So salt = fluid retention = + on the scale. Didn't manage a run or even a walk yesterday, too busy working. Today I'm again working but am going to go to the Y and will run there. 25m run goal today, plus weights. Tons of water too.
    6/28 - 186.6 no Y/run yesterday. I.Will.Run.Today.
    6/29 (Y/run) 187.0 I ran yesterday! Will go to the Y and run again today, along with weights.
    6/30 - 186.0 Quite happy with where I'm ending the month, I think it's the best result all year.

    I created the July thread so you can bookmark and join for another month:

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    Congratulations to all! We survived the month - we only lose if we give up, and we are not quitters!

    I hope you bookmark and join for another month:
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    Beginning start weight - 231 lbs (12/2/19)
    June starting weight - 199.8 lbs (5/31/21)
    June goal - 198 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 160 lbs
    Height: 5'8"

    6/1: 200.6 lbs I have been below calories, active. I don't know what's up. I feel good but haven't been sleeping. I've gone up just under 3 pounds in 3 days.
    6/2: 199.8 lbs feeling gross today.
    6/3: 199.6 lbs
    6/4: 198.4 lbs
    6/5: 199.4 lbs
    6/6: 199.0 lbs my sweet girl turned 8 yesterday!!
    6/7: 198.8 lbs
    6/8: 198.8 lbs
    6/9: 199.0 lbs
    6/10: 199.2 lbs
    6/11: 199.2 lbs
    6/12: 200.2 lbs
    6/13: 202.2 lbs 🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻
    6/14: 200.2 lbs
    6/15: 199.0 lbs
    6/16: 199.8 lbs
    6/17: 200.0 lbs
    6/28: 204.0 lbs .... vacation
    6/29: 202.4 lbs getting back to normal routine
    6/30: 204.6 lbs I don't know what caused this increase. I feel really good and lean today. I guess that's all that really matters. :)
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 61 years old and from the Midwest USA.
    Highest Weight: 253
    Starting Weight (from May 31st): 206.4
    Goal: 201.4 (Five lb Loss)

    06/01 – 205.6 Happy to be off to a good start.
    06/02 - 203.0 Wowza! Happy Dance! Good choices yesterday and no bad snacks. Today and tomorrow will be Thai Food. (I split dinner into two meals). High sodium expected. Pushing water and good lunch choices today before my very late expected Thai dinner tonight.
    06/03 - 203.2 No Thai food afterall yesterday due to restaurant temporary closure. Ended up with Taco Bell and ate a bit more than I should have. However, I had pushed water all day and Fasted until 5:00 so it all paid off. Back to plan today.
    06/04 - 203.0 Look out 202’s….I’m coming for you!
    06/05 - 203.4 An unfair weight since yesterday was pretty perfect. Perhaps the Taco Bell is finally catching up from May 2nd. Today will be a day of higher calorie and carb just to confuse the metabolism but I’ll keep it reasonable with healthy calories and carbs. No junk.
    06/06 - 204.4 Up 1 lb from diet rest day. Pushing water and better meals today. Back on plan! BTW, I failed at the "no junk" plan from yesterday. Today I pay the fiddler.
    06/07 - 204.2 On my way back down from the rest day.
    06/08 - 204.8 Epic fail late last night, then no sleep as I laid in bed with chocolate caffeine and regret keeping me awake. Sleep last night 3 hours and 1 minute. Today will be better!
    06/09 – 204.2 Managed to sneak past the snack monster last night with something healthy and within plan. Epic win this time!
    06/10 – 203.8 I made good choices again. My NSV: Last night I got pretty hungry and decided to have some cheese nips. For the first time in years, I did not take the box to bed and watch TV with mindless eating. I measured out some, put them in a bowl and only ate what I had taken. Controlled!!!! I washed it down with tomato juice. It made a difference on the scale.
    06/11 - 203.2 Another drop on the scale due to a very low calorie and carb day. Pretty grossed out that my take-out dinner was cold and flavorless. Threw it in the trash and enjoyed a good movie instead. I am already overly hungry today due to the lack of calories yesterday. Taking my DGS’s to the salon today for their summer haircuts. Lunch will be out for their traditional treat. I will be mindful. I am planning a very low calorie/carb dinner to offset the lunch.
    06/12 - 205.4 I ate a partial hamburger for lunch with water. ½ of a Thai Dinner with egg drop soup for dinner. Calories were okay but no TMI and water retention showed up on the scale this morning. Posting a day late because my internet was down (again.)
    06/13 - 203.4 Goodbye bloat (not a fat whoosh unfortunately). Today will be a lot of sitting as I pay bills and catch up on paperwork due to the internet loss for the 2nd time this week yesterday. Fitbit will remind me to get up and move every hour so that will help. A beautiful 80 degree day here in Michigan. I wish I could be outside more today!
    06/14 - 201.8 What a shock this morning! Pleased as punch. However, I know that I only ate about 800 calories yesterday (Just not hungry) so there may be an uptick tomorrow when I’m back to regular calories and carbs today. I will continue to be mindful. I don’t want to lose any more of my progress than I have to!
    06/15 - 202.0 Ate thoughtfully yesterday but expected this slight variation on the scale. Traveling today so I am worried about tomorrow’s scale-read. There will not be a lot of movement today and the meal will be from a restaurant. I’ve got to keep my head on my shoulders and order carefully!
    06/16 - 203.4 A longer travel day than expected yielded 2 meals out. I didn’t clean my plate for lunch or dinner, but the calorie count was still higher than when I cook at home. Lots of sitting also in the car. Today I will compensate with low calorie, good carb choices and plenty of water. More movement too!
    06/17 - 202.8 Good meals yesterday but bad snacks because I’d kept my calories during the day a bit too low. Mini-binge which I offset by doing some dancing last night. Down a little over ½ pound today and grateful. Lessons learned again and I’ll just keep learning them until it sticks.
    06/18 - 203.0 No worries. A normal fluctuation. I ate about 1400 calories yesterday which is excellent and within my plan but my steps were lower than usual as I was running many earrands and in the car a lot. Today will be more active.
    06/19 – 202.6 I was so hungry last night that I thought death was practically at my doorstep. Starving really. However, I assessed my days calories and choices. Some choices could have been a bit better and that is probably what caused the problem. I was at 1390 calories. Today I will choose even better. It doesn’t have to be this hard. I appreciate that I was rewarded for my diligence with this drop on the scale.
    06/20 - 200.2 Woot Woot! I’m not sure if this a whoosh reward for all of my good days strung together or a bit of dehydration because I was up all night with TMI. I won’t question it any further. Never look a gift horse in the mouth!
    06/21 – 199.0 Onederland! When I hit 197 point anything I will really believe it is not a fluke!
    06/22 – 198.8 So far so good. Yesterday was on plan 100%
    06/23 - 197.4 So happy with the continued progress. I now feel like I’ve really made it to Onederland since I’ve inched further away from the 200 mark. A good day yesterday overall.
    06/24 - 197.8 3 meals yesterday instead of 2. I ate the rare breakfast in anticipation of a long 3 hour hair appointment (Perm & cut and I now look like a poodle temporarily). All the meals were healthy, small and thoughtful to plan but still ended up being between 1600-1700 calories. I ate 1000 calories under what I burned but still there was an uptick on the scale. That is what it is like to be in your 60’s LOL. Not sweating it. I will call it a metabolism reset day. Today will be dinner out with my son so I must Walk Softly but Carry a Big Stick!
    06/25 - 198.6 Today will be a good day after two days away from home for a bit. Tomorrow, however is a wedding for a friend’s daughter, more food which always accompanies social engagements. I’ll make today count, increase indoor activity due to thunderstorms and make sure water is my best friend today. Sunday will be another compensation day after the wedding. I’m realizing this is a life change (compensation) and not just a diet trick. I am up for the changes.
    06/26 – 198.6 Stayed the same even though yesterday was a great day on all counts. Probably because of the lack of TMI. Bathroom habits/problems do show up on the scale! I am attending a wedding today, an outdoor wedding in very bad weather. Ugg. I am a pretty picky eater so I hope I don’t like any of the food LOL.
    06/27 – 199.0 The wedding was wet but very nice. The food I ate was reasonable. I tried to keep it an OMAD day due to the wedding food but got really hungry last night and ate too many almonds. I should have counted them out first-I know better! Anyway, still in Onederland and holding on for dear life! Travel tomorrow is worrysome on the diet. My plan is to make today – this day in-between – count!
    06/28 – 197.6 I had to cancel trip today. I was so sick yesterday evening and all night. A little better today but not 100% Possible gall bladder or diverticulitis attack, probably from too many almonds day before yesterday. Horrid pain. This is a big overnight drop on the scale. Probably from such little eating yesterday (it hurt too bad) and from dehydration. We’ll see what the next few days bring as this is probably a little lower than my weight realistically is.
    06/29 – 197.6 Only 2000 steps yesterday and about 900 calories due to stomach issue. Well, not quite just stomach, more like entire trunk of my body. Today is starting off a little better. I hope to get in more movement today. I dread this evening when it’s time to eat a bit of a bigger meal than I have been. I will be mindful of calories but I hope that it doesn’t hit my stomach like a torpedo. I need to feel better soon and get my shopping trip over with. The sales end soon and the savings are huge on my tile I need for my bathroom. But I can’t travel (nearly 2 hours each way) if I have to feel this pain and stay close to a bathroom too! Praying for relief!
    06/30 – 196.4 Tummy feeling better but I kept the meals bland and light to be safe. I credit the illness with about 1 pound of the overall weight loss. The rest was all me! Happy Dancing. See you all in July!
  • Age Range: 50’s, Height: 6 ft. (MFP start weight: 4-6-21, 306 Lbs.)
    March Average step count 2,600
    April Goal 290 Lbs. (Ended at 288) Average step count 6,686
    May goal 280 Lbs. (Ended at 280) Average step count 12,007
    June goal 268 Lbs.
    Ultimate goal - 225

    6/1 - 278
    6/2 - 278
    6/3 - 277 Going to be away from a scale for maybe 5 days will see if I can stay on track I hope I don't gain but also don't want to loss to much??

    6/7 - 273 Did not see this one coming? Lost way to much I have been out in the heat since the 3rd, working all day on resealing my motor home roof. I thought I was eating enough and consumed a lot of water to stay hydrated but lost to much to fast. Next time I will bring my scale with me to try and stop this. The phone only counts steps not all the work I was doing so had no clue to my calorie burn.

    6/8 - 275
    6/9 - 275
    6/12 - 275
    6/13 - 275
    6/19 - 275
    6/26 - 277 Went back to the doctor yesterday he was happy that I'm still losing but was whishing I did better. My last appointment I was at 280 so a 3 pond weight loss for around 30 days He would like to see 10 lbs. at this point. Blood work all still going good so I guess I need to start working a little harder.

    6/30 - 278 I ended the month at the same weight. Did not do a great job tracking my food also dropped my steps down to an average of 6,800 steps per day for the month from 12,000 last month. So looks like I need to get back on track next month all is good and learning all the time.
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    I'm in!

    Highest weight: 192.2
    June goal: 144
    Ultimate goal: 132.2

    Week 1:
    6/01 -145.8
    6/02 -145.0
    6/03 -146.6 ...rats!
    6/04 -145.4
    6/05 -146.2
    Gained .4

    Week 2:
    6/06 -146.4
    6/07 -146.4
    6/08 -146.2
    6/09 -146.2
    6/10 -146.2
    6/11 -146.0
    6/12 -146.4
    Remained the Same

    Week 3:
    6/13 - 145.0 at 8:00 a.m. ...5.37 miles in 93 mins
    6/14 - 145.0 at 5:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    6/15 - 145.2 at 5:00 a.m. ...5.37 miles in 94 mins
    6/16 - 145.4 at 5:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    6/17 - 145.8 at 5:30 a.m. ...total rest day. Too hot to walk. 110 degrees here today!!
    6/18 - 145.6 at 8:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    6/19 - 145.0 at 7:00 a.m. ...5.40 miles in 92 mins...DH's b'day today...a little salty!
    Remained the Same

    Week 4:
    6/20 - 145.0 at 8:00 a.m. ...total rest day
    6/21 – 144.0 at 5:15 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    6/22 – 148.0 at 5:15 a.m. ...stress eating yesterday and today...
    6/23 - 146.2 at 5:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer and 5.61 mines in 98 mins.
    6/24 - 146.6 at 6:00 a.m. ...4.41 miles in 89 mins
    6/25 - 146.2 at 7:30 a.m. ...total rest day
    6/26 – 147.0 at 9:00 a.m. ...5.21 miles in 92 mins
    Up 2.0 pounds

    Final Week:
    6/27 - 146.2 at 8:00 a.m. ...5.17 miles in 87 mins
    6/28 - 145.8 at 8:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    6/29 - 145.6 at 9:20 a.m. ...7.58 miles in 135 mins
    6/30 - 146.2 at 7:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer

    Total loss for June: +0.4

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    Bookmark the thread and feel free to join in at any time during the month for any purpose - all are welcome!