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Loose skin

char70tt3char70tt3 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Guys and gals, anyone that’s HW was 200 lbs+, did you get loose skin when you lost weight? Is this going to be inevitable for me :(


  • Lhenderson923Lhenderson923 Member Posts: 85 Member Member Posts: 85 Member
    I am 5' 6" and initially started at 223lbs. I got down to 158lbs and had the most loose skin on my boobs- and there was quite a lot of it there. I also had some on my stomach, but not too bad really. I maintained around 165 and over a year the loose skin definitely did get tighter, though my boobs never returned to their previous state. I just had a baby 4.5 months ago and gained 55lbs while pregnant, and, obviously, had a very stretched out stomach for a while. I have lost 70lbs now (so below my previous maintenance weight and prepregnacy weight), and this time I again have loose skin on my stomach. I am certain that there will be more shortly as I hope to lose another 10lbs, but then I expect it to tighten up some as it did before. Like everyone else said, sometimes it looks a lot worse during the journey, but with patience it will get better!
  • FflpnariFflpnari Member Posts: 937 Member Member Posts: 937 Member
    Ive lost a 100 pounds and am at goal. No kids. I have loose stomach skin. I just wear high waisted compression leggings. My heaviest was when i was a teenager. I thought it would bounce back but didn't. Im 100% ok with my skin. Id take the skin over carrying around 100 extra pounds everyday. if i have a skin removal surgery it will be after I have kids
  • Speakeasy76Speakeasy76 Member Posts: 755 Member Member Posts: 755 Member
    Technically, I was over 200 lbs at my very heaviest, as I was 210 when I delivered my daughter almost 10 years ago. I was 190 9 months after she was born, and managed to lose about 35 pounds. Then, last year I lost around 8 more pounds, and have lost more than 10 pounds since then, too. These last 10 pounds was relatively quick for a myriad of reasons, but I've noticed the loose skin seems much worse now.

    I definitely notice the loose skin in my stomach and boobs, and it's become even more noticeable now at a BMI of 20.2. I also notice some in my arms....but I'm also 44, and our skin elasticity lessens as we get older (yay!). I believe the younger you are, the more likely your skin will bounce back. Also, I believe you're less likely to have loose skin issues if you lose it more slowly. It may be inevitable to have some, but I believe there are things you can do to lessen the effect.
  • SAHNinjaSAHNinja Member Posts: 82 Member Member Posts: 82 Member
    I am very much in the beginning stages of losing weight. My highest was 265. I am currently at 235. I've noticed my arms have a little sag to them and my belly. Though I imagine my belly was also in part due to having 3 pregnancies, 2 full term. I am ok with this for now. I am hoping as I am 27 that my age along with weight training will help to tighten things up. When I get closer to goal I will look into things like loose skin removal and somtehing to keep my breast lifted so I can wear some cute tank tops or backless shirts. That is, if my progress doesnt get me there first.
  • MsCzarMsCzar Member Posts: 501 Member Member Posts: 501 Member
    Saving up for a neck lift and maybe a quick lift if I can keep my weight off for a year. The rest of the saggy bits I can cover with clothing.
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  • VjmikesellVjmikesell Member Posts: 34 Member Member Posts: 34 Member
    Everyone’s skin elasticity is different- some people get loose skin worse than others (my skin elasticity is absolutely terrible and I had to get tummy tuck to get access skin from pregnancy removed). Losing weight slowly with exercise helps minimize loose skin but, unfortunately, your skin elasticity, which has a lot to do with genetics, will determine how much you get.
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 24,277 Member Member Posts: 24,277 Member
    When I was in my 30's my high weight was 240 pounds. I very gradually lost 80 pounds. I did not have loose skin. Again, this was extremely gradual. And I exercised along the way.

    This time around I am 54 and while I am curious to see what happens, I don't really care about loose skin.

    Also bear in mind that it can take a year or two for skin to finish whatever tightening up it is going to do after you reach your goal weight.
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