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prayerwarrior357prayerwarrior357 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
Hello My name is Curtis Shelton. I joined MyfitnessPal several years ago with the intention of losing weight, and lost 36 lbs For some reason, my life's routine changed and I stopped focusing on maintenance. About four months ago my daughter accompanied me to a funeral of a loved one. She related that she had just joined MyfitnessPal and I said I am a member and I renewed my standing. We both communicate through MyfitnessPal and encourage one another. She has lost 47 lbs, and I have lost 18. I am not a religious person, but I have made it my lifestyle to check in and register, religiously, it keeps me focused. I feel better at age 78 than maybe I did in my fifties. So any time, anyone wants to encourage me, please feel free to do so. Blessings


  • mylittlerainbowmylittlerainbow Member Posts: 766 Member Member Posts: 766 Member
    Absolutely, you will find encouragement here! How wonderful that you recognize how much better you feel with these pounds gone. May you continue to keep them off.
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