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Losing weight on the same amount of calories?

OlafiinaOlafiina Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
My weight stabilized around a year or so ago and hasn't really moved since then other than the day to day fluctuations. But I've noticed a obvious downward trend recently. I've lost more or less 2 pounds in the last month, So nothing extreme but I find it odd that I would suddenly start losing weight when I'm either in the same ballpark or slightly higher than I was eating and maintaining 5 months ago. I'm not anymore active I don't think....It's just really odd.
All I can think is some of my "staple' recipes like soup I've been overestimating calorie counts, Dancing to my new favorite song is somehow a great workout or some weird magic has happened :D .


  • tvm1970tvm1970 Member, Premium Posts: 64 Member Member, Premium Posts: 64 Member
    Olafiina wrote: »
    All I can think is some of my "staple' recipes like soup I've been overestimating calorie counts.
    That is unlikely unless you've changed ingredients as you will have always estimated incorrectly so right or not it's consistent.

    Have you been more active? Walking more or even getting more incidental exercise can make a difference.

    Have you changed the brand of a staple food or foods? If you wat the same 2 slices of bread each day but have swapped to something that is say, 50 calories less, you've created a small deficit.

    Could you hunger be satisfied with less? If so, perhaps you are serving yourself smaller amounts but feeling that it is the same because you are as satisfied as you were with larger portions.

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  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,913 Member Member Posts: 18,913 Member
    Studies have shown that the recovery from the metabolic adaptations that occur during a diet can take upwards of a year - seems to depend on genetics and how severe did the body view the deficit.

    Appears yours has decided it's not at risk anymore and likely started to allow more of the day to day spontaneous movements that actually can add up.

    Also, seasons change - you sure you aren't more active than 5 months ago - was that winter for you?
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