12lb down

I've been using my fitness pal again since April 9th 2021 and have lost 12lb the most weight I've ever lost. I have 2st 2lb left to my target weight of 11st anything after that will be a bonus


  • ChrisS_51
    ChrisS_51 Posts: 14 Member
    Congratulations, it is so good when the weight comes off. :-)
  • Rainworth_Massive
    Rainworth_Massive Posts: 11 Member
    Brilliant, well done! Keep going :smiley:
    I've just hit 11st (started in January), down 30lbs!
    Aiming for another 12lbs off :blush:
  • antonia_yes
    antonia_yes Posts: 70 Member
    Hi Deborah ! We have the same target weight but I am about half a stone above you at the moment.
  • KelBlundell
    KelBlundell Posts: 47 Member
    Woohoo! Well done
  • deborahupton10
    deborahupton10 Posts: 17 Member
    Way day today I get weighed every wed no loss 🙁 I don't know whether to laugh cos I haven't gained or cry cos I haven't lost hopefully a loss next week fingers crossed 🤞
  • girlwithcurls2
    girlwithcurls2 Posts: 2,252 Member
    That's fantastic!! Don't worry about not seeing a change this week. That could be due to a myriad of variables. Just keep going. It might slow down a bit now too, which makes seeing week to week changes a little harder. I'm super impressed. I am working off 20 extra pounds, but giving myself a year (4 3-month timeframes). I'm only weighing myself every 3 months. Coming up this month is my 6 month mark. Hopefully I'm down the 10 pounds. I am taking the weight off so slowly that I really can't weigh any more often because any and all loss is masked by my female body ;)

    Great, great job to you. Trust the process and the rest will come off. You're doing it all right!! :heart:
  • deborahupton10
    deborahupton10 Posts: 17 Member
    @girlwithcurls I'm sure it will come off with patience let me know how your weigh day goes I will keep all crossed that you're the 10lbs lighter xx