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Need to loose 3 stones - advise please

Kitessa87Kitessa87 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
Hi folks,

Here we come again. I am back to MFP. Numerous times I said to myself that I will not count calories again in my life and yet I have the highest weight in my life which is such a shame as I am only 33.

I currently weight 209lb and I have set up my daily calories to 1600 which I am not sure if is right. I am not working and going back to college in October. I do daily light house work and getting my 10 thousand steps daily. Sometimes I do some garden work. I have a bad knee so exercising may be tough.

Previously I used to focus on exercises a lot and when my knee was fine I was killing myself in workouts while neglecting diet. So stupid!
I also looked for quick fixes and thought this should be quick so then I can forget it all! So naive I was!

Now it’s a time to learn from my mistakes and begin my weight loss journey again. I know I can do it. I succeeded in life many times so why couldn’t I now?

I will welcome any advise, especially from those who are or were on the same boat as me.

Many thanks 🙏


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